Help! Virgin Media FORGETS to renew its security certificate on contact page

Cable firm caught in embarassing balls-up

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Virgin Media has failed to renew its security certificate on the company's 'Contact us' page of its website.

It is currently displaying an "untrusted connection" warning about the url.

Customers who attempt to contact the Liberty Global-owned cable firm are greeted with the confusing alert that suggests communications via the site are not secure.

It's not clear when the certificate first expired. A Reg reader flagged it up to Vulture Weekend in the early hours of this morning.

Virgin Media security cert snafu

The Register sought comment from Virgin Media, but the telco had not immediately got back to us at time of publication. We'll update the story if we do hear from the company. ®


A Virgin Media spokesman told El Reg:

"The certificate issue for this page was ‎resolved and up to date this morning."

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