Google's email-for-iOS app Sparrow is pining for the fjords

Soon to be an EX-Sparrow

Two-and-a-half years after Google bought the French email client Sparrow, it has decided the client gets in the way of pushing Apple fans to its own Inbox service.

Hence, apparently, to get iOS and OS X users to head for Inbox, the Chocolate Factory has pulled Sparrow from the App Store. Even the iPhone version, which was previously available for purchase from the developer's site (here) has now been pulled.

There'll be no new iOS installs, though, with searches for the app redirected to download Gmail.

Sparrow came to prominence by giving its apps native Gmail integration. The end of the line was always foreshadowed after the acquisition, since it went into maintenance mode straight away, offering only bug-fix releases.

As MacRumours notes, the app was popular prior to being bought by Google, but with the code static its popularity fell. ®

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