Google-gulped Stackdriver reborn as cloudy control freak

AWS operations platform extended in beta

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Google has regurgitated Stackdriver, eight months after swallowing the cloud monitoring service.

Google Cloud Monitoring has been released to beta here, built on Stackdriver to deliver performance, capacity and uptime management.

The service targets Google App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud SQL.

Performance metrics and logs will be served up for VM instances, MongoDB, Apache, Nginx and Elasticsearch in addition to the Google-stamped infrastructure.

The idea is Google cloud users can build their own dashboards and get alerts.

Google’s cloud hosting infrastructure has been somewhat eclipsed by the success of Amazon’s AWS and the PR-enhanced rise of Microsoft’s Azure.

Mountain View is famed for its consumer-facing services such as search and ads, less so for its enterprise infrastructure.

Metrics are a crucial component for those flinging their wares into the heavens, as important as they ever were for any sysadmin running a land-based server.

Google seems to have woken up to the fact that knowing how services are running and timely alerts are as bread-and-butter to cloud as simplified app dev and migration in smoothing adoption for potential customers. It has snapped up a specialist in AWS.

Google Cloud Monitoring has been in beta since June 2014, and the goal, according to Google, is to work with Amazon Web Services and span customers' hybrid clouds.

Founded in 2012 and with $15m in VC funding, Stackdriver already provided monitoring for AWS and Rackspace with agents for Windows and Linux before it was snapped up by Google for an undisclosed price.

Google promised Stackdriver would continue its existing support for clouds but would also be able to work in mixed cloud environments. The initial goal was for integration with Google’s cloud. ®

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