Stop coding and clean up your UI, devs, it's World Usability Day

Of course we've shoved the usability website through the W3C HTML validator

Windows 2.0

November 13th is World Usability Day, the annual event that urges all and sundry “to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use.”

The day's raison d'être is promoting good design, so that products and services are easy to use, rather than useless. Physical objects are the focus, but the day also recognises that software design is something worth addressing.

Hence this story.

Events around the world promote usability. UK-based readers might like to drop in for beer and a chat about Web usability here. There's another not far from The Reg's San Francisco digs and plenty more listed here.

One small gripe: we ran through the W3C's HTML validator, an exercise that produced five errors. None are massive usability SNAFUs, but when even the usability wonks have problems it may behove us all to have a think about the issue today. ®

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