Do you accept Bitcoin? That'll do nicely, says Apache

Late scramble aboard the bitbandwagon for open sourcerers

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Open-source project shop the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is now funding its projects with Bitcoins.

The US-based non-profit says it’s received 5.35915909 in BTC – just over $2,600 – in just 48 hours after saying it would accept the virtual currency.

ASF says it decided to accept the e-coinage in response to an email request on August 26.

“Accepting Bitcoin allows donors to the Apache Software Foundation the benefit of digital currency exchange no matter where they reside,” ASF said in a statement.

Founded in 1999 Apache is home to the much-loved HTTP Apache Server. Since then its empire has expanded dramatically to encompass more than 200 other open-source projects and initiatives.

ASF is a registered US non-profit that relies on voluntary donations and sponsorships to keep running. Sponsors include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei and IBM. ASF accepts cash, checks, electronic funds transfer, PayPal, vehicle donations and - now - Bitcoin.

ASF is coming late to the much-hyped currency. Bitcoin was pretty much last year’s bubble, a hit with coffee-shop hipsters who believed they could change national monetary systems and criminals who found the virtual dosh gave them something to hide behind.

The high point was speculation last year as to whether Bitcoin could become a viable currency along side sterling and the dollar, followed by the crushing collapse of the MtGox exchange.

With so many headlines, it was inevitable that many organisations would hope to win some free ink by announcing that they, too, were now accepting Bitcoin. Naturally this isn't the case with Apache - they are responding to requests.

Since then, the suits have started getting involved: banks are considering whether to accept Bitcoin, eBay is reported to be considering its use while Dell in July started a pilot letting customers pay for their gear using the cryptocurrency. ®

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