That 8TB Seagate MONSTER? It's HERE... (You'll have to squint, 'cos there are no specs)

Data gulping disk drive

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Seagate is shipping an 8TB disk drive to selected OEM customers including object data-storing CleverSafe, with general availability next quarter. Tech details are sparse, however.

We know the data devouring beast fits in a standard 3.5-inch drive slot and has a 6Gbit/s SATA interface.

Seagate says it has “enterprise reliability and is for cloud content, object storage and back-up/disaster recovery storage".

It claims the drive has the best watts/GB rating for enterprise bulk data storage in the industry. The disk also has multi-drive RV tolerance so it can be crammed safely into enclosures.

We understand this could be an 8TB Kinetic drive, one with a direct Ethernet connection.

We don't know its spin speed, and are guessing 7,200rpm, or the number of platters. Having 4 x 2TB platters would be pretty revolutionary, but then so would 5 x 1.6TB platters. Why so coy, Seagate?

Cleversafe has no Slicestor products listed that use 8TB drives, the maximum being 4TB drives. Guess we can expect a doubling of capacity from, for example, the 2212’s 48TB to 96TB or the 2440’s 192TB to 384TB.

We’re scrambling to find out more from a coy Seagate and a still-sleeping Cleversafe and will update this story as soon as we know more. ®

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