VMware vaporises vCHS hybrid cloud service

AnD yEt mOre cRazy cAps to dEal wIth


VMworld 2014 A little secret: The Reg's stalwart team of sub-editors are no fans of VMware – because its practice of using two capitals for VMware but one capital for products like vSphere is the kind of thing that does their pedantic heads in.

We're therefore not entirely sure how they'll react to news that VMware has changed the name of the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service – aka vCHS – to VMware vCloud Air.

There's also a new “VMware vCloud Air Network” to describe the partners who sign up to offer VMware-powered public clouds.

We've therefore got two new potential acronyms to play with: vCA and vCAN. Or perhaps VvCA and VvCAN if we need to put VMware in front of both.

Virtzilla – a term the eds love us to use – isn't saying why the change has been made, but does say the word “Air” will be used for “future as a service offerings from VMware … to align with this strategy.”

Future as a service offerings? What might they be? Reg journos sometimes grind teeth about VMware too, because that hint looks like another in the drip-drip-drip of nuggetoids ahead of next week's VMworld gabfest. ®

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