Scale Computing scales up sales – but can its HC3 kit take on Marvin?

Upstarts get ducks in row while they await VMware project

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Start-up Scale Computing is selling lots more of its HC3 converged virtualised server and storage nodes.

These – like generally equivalent converged systems from upstart NIMBOXX, Nutanix and Simplivity – provide a simple way for IT to provide compute and storage resources to applications from a single system. Not just any old system, but one that scales out to add compute and storage capacity and avoids the need for many different kinds of system components to be sourced, integrated and managed.

Scale's HC3 system was launched in late 2012. Scale has said it had record sales in the second calendar 2014 quarter, with 30 per cent growth over the first quarter and a 50 per cent larger sales pipeline. It has amassed more than 900 customers who use more than 3,500 HC3 appliances, "surpassing the number of customers of its closest competitor by a wide margin."

We understand that refers to Nutanix, though it might be Simplivity.

Total funding has passed $50m.

In a canned quote, Jeff Ready, Scale's CEO, said: "We continue to see new customers adopt the HC3 appliance platform as a comprehensive, easy-to-manage alternative to the complexity of the traditional VMware environment.”

A quoted customer said the HC3 appliance had no single point of failure, high availability and easy scalability.

Our perception is that the two front-runners in the converged server/storage systems market are Nutanix and Simplivity, with NIMBOXX and Scale Computing as second tier suppliers. All four suppliers have developed their own systems. They compete against VCE's Vblocks and the Cisco/NetApp Flexpod designs, which represent integrations of different suppliers' kit into a single orderable system.

HDS also has a converged system of its own but we hear less about that. If and when EMC/VMware introduces its Project Marvin converged system then we'd expect that to do very well and put pressure on the four startups.

They'll say Marvin validates their product ideas - and will be praying it doesn't kill them. ®

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