Mozilla: We're keeping the Beard – Brendan Eich successor now permanent pick

New man to wash away anti-gay-marriage mojo

Mozilla's new CEO Chris Beard

Firefox-maker Mozilla has made Chris Beard's CEO role permanent. Beard had been interim chief when anti-gay-marriage JavaScript inventor and co-founder Brendan Eich vacated the role in April.

In a blog post, Mozilla said: "Over the years, Chris has led many of Mozilla’s most innovative projects. We have relied on his judgment and advice for nearly a decade. Chris has a clear vision of how to take Mozilla’s mission and turn it into industry-changing products and ideas."

Presumably, he hasn't got a history of funding attempts to outlaw same-sex marriage, which is precisely what former boss Brendan Eich did.

Eich's appointment as Mozilla's chief exec incited outrage among gay rights supporters after public records showed he had contributed $1,000 to the campaign in support of Proposition 8, a 2008 California ballot initiative attempting to prevent gay people from marrying by making "one man, one woman" the standard for marriage in the state's constitution.

Beard has been with Mozilla since 2004. He jumped ship for a while for a year to work as an "executive-in-residence" at the venture capital firm Greylock Partners before rejoining Mozilla at the height of its homophobia controversy crisis. ®

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