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Extends product and accelerated sales

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Nasuni, the agnostic cloud storage gateway enterprise storage-as-a-service provider, has revved up its software to v6.0 and added go-faster upgrades to its hardware.

The product line is called The Nasuni Service and v6.0 features:

  • Cloud-based global file locking
  • Secure mobile access via Desktop Sync
  • Expanded protocol access: the existing CIFS, NFS, iSCSI and HTTPS protocols get FTP and Secure FTP access added, plus a “mixed mode” that combines access on NFS and CIFS/SMB protocols to provide better access and availability for mixed Windows and Linux customers
  • Added integration of Active Directory users and groups, with administrator access now controlled in Active Directory, plus more fine-grained control over cache management, email alerts and migration tools

There is a new low-end box, the NF-100, with a 2TB cache capacity and 2 x 2TB disk drives. The next-biggest box, the NF-200, has a 6TB cache and 4 x 2TB HDDs.

General hardware performance has been boosted by changing processors. The old range and processors can be seen in the first table below.

Nasuni filers

Nasuni's old gateway product range. Click table to get to a readable size.

The new range specs are in the following table:


Nasuni’s updated cloud storage gateway/filer range. Click to embiggen.

The company says it grew sales bookings 232 per cent year-on-year in the second 2014 quarter.

CEO Andres Rodriguez is keen to keep this going: "We’re now regularly closing very large agreements with global organizations who are entrusting their entire global storage infrastructure to Nasuni.

"The value proposition is easy to understand: the enterprises get more functionality, including primary storage, mobile data synchronization, and automatic backup, all while cutting their storage costs in half. And even better, it’s delivered completely as a service. Our customers never need to own storage hardware again.”

Nasuni also has a new master marketeer, Wayne St Amand, who joined in March this year at VP-level.

The 6.0 software upgrade is shipping and available at no charge to all current Nasuni customers with service agreements. ®

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