LOHAN in FIGHT to DEATH with brace of cantankerous canards

Plucky Playmonaut back in cockpit after much servo-related duckery

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Sticky delights

Here are the bits and pieces now holding the canards on, all suitably greased and threadlocked...

Annotated photo of our Vulture 2 canard mount

...and here's our Playmonaut back at his station, with an emergency operative on standby, just in case (see here for a description of the various electronic components):

The canards bolted to the Vulture 2, with Playmonaut in his seat

For your viewing pleasure, try this fetching close-up, featuring the new servo linkages:

Close-up of the canards connections, with Playmonaut a miniature fireman

We've swapped the servo horns for some aluminium models, since the plastic originals tended to flex a little too much for our liking. We're now using pushrods, as opposed to a Z-bend set-up, and this has reduced play in the system to a minimum.

Once we'd battled the brace of canards, we could remount the onboard Raspberry Pi above the servos, using some M2.5 threaded rod glued into the servo mounting platform as part of the upgrade:

The canard connections insiode the fuselage, with the Raspberry Pi sitting above the servos

All in all, the whole thing's a rock-solid rig, which is going absolutely nowhere, at least independently of the rest of the Vulture 2. ®

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Paper Aircraft Released Into Space

Security for virtualized datacentres

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