Record numbers of you are reading this headline right now

Another year, another 700,000 readers

It's that time of year when we at The Register get our annual letter from the Audit Bureau of Circulation, confirming just how well we did during our regular November audit.

The scores on the doors are these: 7,326,907 unique users visited the site that month, up from 6,657,164 in 2011 - a climb of just over 10 per cent and the second record-high readership figure in a row. These swarms of readers delivered a total of 43,661,579 page impressions.

Read all about it courtesy of the ABC here (pdf).

The core audiences remain the UK - with 1.8 million readers - and the US - with almost 3 million. The massive 50 per cent rise in total readership over the past two years has been driven in large part by an influx from the States, with well over a million new Americans (or people located in the USA, anyway) flocking to the site over that period. The cawing of the Vultures, as a result, is heard by nearly twice as many across the pond than was formerly the case: no doubt assisted by the fact that many of our staff perch in our offices there rather than in old Blighty.

Most of the rest of our readers are in Australia, Canada and northern Europe. No matter where a Register reader may lay his or her head, however, he or she can rest assured that Vultures based around the globe are reporting the news (with or without IT angle) 24 hours a day, with our Australian tentacle collating the Asia-Pacific coverage on the watch between those of London and San Francisco.

ABC (ABCe for online) figures are the standard for the UK-based media industry, with all the major newspaper websites getting their figures audited monthly. In those terms, The Reg has around half the readership of the Mirror Group sites, a quarter that of The Sun, or 40 per cent of the Independent's reach.

Our fellow sci/tech websites seldom allow any external scrutiny of their traffic, and none make audited results public: in this too, the Register is unique. ®


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