From post-coital squid to high-res Playboy bunnies: The 2012 'IT angle?!' quiz

Test your knowledge of the year's most stimulating stories

Choosing a cloud hosting partner with confidence


1, A; 2, B; 3, A; 4, D; 5, B; 6, C; 7, A (Thompson hired, Thompson leaves; Apotheker hired, Apotheker leaves); 8, C; 9, C.

10, B; 11, B; 12, A; 13, B; 14, C; 15, B; 16, C; 17, C; 18, A; 19, C.

20 B; 21, A; 22, A; 23, A; 24, C; 25, D; 26, D, C, E, A, B; 27, A; 28, C; 29, D.

30, C; 31, B; 32, D; 33, C; 34, B; 35, A; 36, B; 37, A; 38, C; 39, D

40, B; 41, C or D; 42, C; 43, B; 44, D; 45, B; 46, C; 47, B; 48, C; 49, D.

50, A; 51, A; 52, D; 53, C; 54, B; 55, C; 56, B.

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