Pentax Q interchangeable-lens compact system camera

Pentax Q compact system camera

The cutest camera in the world?

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Sample Shots

Lens tests

Pentax Q

3.2mm f5.6 Fisheye (35mm equivalent: 17mm)
Click for a full-resolution crop

Pentax Q

8.5mm f1.9 Standard Prime (35mm equivalent: 47mm)
Click for a full-resolution crop

Pentax Q

18mm f8 Toy telephoto (35mm equivalent: 100mm)
Click for a full-resolution crop

Pentax Q

Wide angle: Standard 5-15mm f2.8-4.5 zoom (35mm equivalent: 27.5-83mm)
Click for a full-resolution crop

Pentax Q

Telephoto: Standard 5-15mm f2.8-4.5 zoom (35mm equivalent: 27.5-83mm)
Click for a full-resolution crop

Pentax Q interchangeable-lens compact system camera

8.5mm Standard Prime - a little bokeh at f1.9

In-camera tonal effects

Pentax Q

Bleach Bypass

Pentax Q


Pentax Q

Reversal Film

Pentax Q

Cross Processing

Pentax Q


ISO tests

Pentax Q

Click to download zipped ISO 125 to 6400 and noise reduction files (19MB)

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