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Reg Hardware Awards 2011 Ladies and gentlemen, the annual Reg Hardware Awards are here and, once again, we need your help finding the best - and the worst - consumer electronics and infotech products of 2011.

This week, we're calling for your nominations for our Gaming category, which gathers together our Game of the Year, Antique Code Show All-time Classic Award, iGamer Mobile Game of the Year and Developer of the Year awards.

And don't forget to name the game you think most deserves our Rusty Dodo award for the naffest, least necessary, most unwanted offering of the year.

Reg Hardware Awards

To refresh your memory, here are 2010's winners - and the worst.

Don't forget, you can still cast your votes in the Lifestyle, the Mobile and the Computing categories.

Votes will be tallied during December and we'll be announcing the winners during Reg Hardware's special CES Week - seven days of total Consumer Electronics Show coverage that'll bring you news and pics of the hottest products set to hit the shelves in 2012.

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