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HTC Incredible S

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For the UK market at least, HTC is the premier manufacturer of Android devices – which is why three models appear in this round-up – and the Incredible S has arguably the most distinctive look of the bunch. Eschewing the aluminium and chrome, so popular at this end of the market, the Incredible S is fully encased in tactile rubberised plastic that feels warm and certainly won’t slide about if left on a table. On release it runs Android 2.2, so not quite the latest version, and updates tend to be a little bit late. This is due to HTC’s rightly praised Sense user interface, the graphics and layout may be lovely, but having it complicates updates from Google. There’s an 8Mp camera with dual LED flash which offers functional, rather than exceptional picture quality, plus 720p HD video recording and a 1.3 Mp camera on the front. The 4in touch screen offers 480 x 800-pixel resolution and while the 1GHz single-core processor does a good job, it’s not the fastest in this company.

HTC Incredible S

Reg Rating 80%
Price £500
More Info HTC

HTC Sensation

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The Sensation currently tops HTC’s Android pile by virtue of its spanking new 1.2GHz dual-core processor. It also just happens to have the cream of HTC’s features, with a 4.3in touchscreen offering the company’s highest-yet resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, that ably shows off the latest version of the Sense UI, which now comes with snazzy 3D graphics. It also has access to HTC’s new Watch video store for handy access to films and TV shows. The 8Mp camera is a cut above the usual HTC fare with ‘Instant Capture’ quick snapping and offers 1080p HD recording for the first time. There’s no dedicated HDMI port, though the micro USB port supports MHL for HD connection to a TV. Alas, there’s no cable supplied. There’s also a VGA camera on the front for video chat and self portraits. With more dual-core handsets to compare it with since its original review, the Sensation deserves a ratings boost in this round-up.

HTC Sensation

Reg Rating 85%
Price £500
More Info HTC

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