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There’s no doubt that much of the iPhone’s success is down to Apple’s online App Store, which now offers thousands of games and entertainment offerings for the ever-growing range of iOS devices.

But it's not the only one. The BlackBerry may have started as rather strait-laced business tool, but RIM has upped the mobile web stakes with the introduction of BlackBerry 6 OS and high-end consumer-centric smartphones such as the Torch 9800.

And the launch two years ago of the BlackBerry App World has fuelled a huge increase in the number and variety of leisure apps available for RIM handhelds. At the same time Don't take our word for it, check out BlackBerry App World. To get you started, here are our favourite fun and useful apps that you can currently download onto your BlackBerry.

Air Traffic Controller

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The BlackBerry App Store has several little gems to keep you amused. Air Traffic Control for the BlackBerry Storm is a brain-melting and addictive strategy game that puts you in charge of the runways in three different locations as you guide increasing numbers of Jumbo jets, helicopters and other types of aircraft in for a safe landing.

BlackBerry Apps for leisure

Reg Rating 80%
Price $5 (£3)
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Galactic Blast

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Galactic Blast is one of those addictive retro-arcade shoot-'em-ups that will give you arthritic thumbs as you keep on trying to finish one last level. You pilot your Scorpion spaceship through 40 levels of kamikaze enemy warships, dodging mines and asteroids, and collecting upgrades and powerful energy-spheres along the way. The developers have also written a tutorial-blog for people that want to write their own games.

BlackBerry Apps for leisure

Reg Rating 80%
Price $3 (£2)
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Flixster is a useful and fun app that provides info about the latest film releases. It includes reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes website, actor profiles, trailers, and news about the latest DVD releases, depending on which BlackBerry model you’re using. You can also use it to look up cinemas and showtimes in the UK, and in the US, Canada and Australia if you're travelling.

BlackBerry Apps for leisure

Reg Rating 75%
Price Free
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The BlackBerry really lends itself to Tweeting, and this is one of the best apps for Twitter addicts. It’s free too. It’s a versatile Twitter client that includes features such as the ability to include photos and videos, and to see who is retweeting your tweets. Conversation threads are easy to follow, and the URL-shortening option is a handy time-saver.

BlackBerry Apps for leisure

Reg Rating 70%
Price Free
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One of the neat things about the iPhone is its ability to customise the screen layout with your chosen apps and websites. LaunchPad performs a similar task on the BlackBerry, allowing you to create up to 50 “launchers” that put your favourite web sites, phone numbers and email contacts on the screen. You can also select a range of icons, or use your own photos, to represent the launchers on screen.

BlackBerry Apps for leisure

Reg Rating 65%
Price $0.99 (64p)
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OK, so we left out Angry Birds. But you didn’t need us to find that beauty.

Any other favourites not mentioned? Let us know in the comments. ®

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