Monster iPad Case Test: Skins and Hard Cases

Silicone specials

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Proporta Profile Hard Shell

Proporta's hard shell offering is a little different from the others here. First, it has a soft leather-like texture applied to the outer face, while the inside is covered in faux velvet. Secondly, it has a gap for a second dock port on the iPad's side - so it's ready for the iPad 2, in other words. Available in black, red or brown colours.

Proporta Profile Hard Shell

Reg Rating 70%
Price RRP: £27 Online: £26
More Info Proporta

Scosche GlosSee

Constructed like a silicone skin, the GlosSee is actually coloured, see-through glossy plastic. It looks good and lets the Apple logo shine through - good for fanboys, them. It also takes a lot more pressure to dislodge the lip of the case from the iPad, though that makes it tougher to get the tablet in and out than is the case with silicon skins. The covered volume buttons are hard to push, too. Comes with a separate screen cover sheet.

Scosche GlosSee

Reg Rating 75%
Price RRP: £30 Online: £23
More Info Scosche

Scosche SnapShield

RH Editor's Choice

I'm not sure what protection the hard, clear plastic SnapShield really provides, but it's a great way to colour your iPad's back panel. It comes with a separate screen cover sheet, which is nice and - ho, ho - has a space on the left side for a second dock connector. iPad 2 ready? Sure is!

Scosche SnapShield

Reg Rating 80%
Price RRP: £25 Online: £20
More Info Scosche

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