Monster iPad Case Test: The Rest

Bags of... well... bags

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Incipio Tek-nical

A cute neoprene-finish bag that's offers only limited accessory storage. It'll take an iPad - one cased, even - but while each side face is a pocket, the openings are narrow, more cosmetic than practical.

Incipio Tek-nical

Reg Rating 70%
Price RRP: £40 Online: £23
More Info Incipio

Otterbox Commuter Series

More basic than Otterbox's mighty Defender (see below), the Commuter comprises a rubber skin onto which you clamp - not at all easily, I might add - a hard plastic back. Think of it as a cross between a silicone skin and a hard case, but tougher than both. A third component is the large slide-off hatch that covers the dock connector. The Commuter case comes with a stick on screen cov, a thick card squeegee to ensure no air is trapped beneath and a chammy leather to clean it.

Otterbox Commuter Series

Reg Rating 70%
Price RRP: £48 Online: £32
More Info Otterbox

Otterbox Defender Series

RH Editor's Choice

It's tempting to laugh at this case's five-part design and how it leaves the iPad feeling bigger and heavier than an old-style Tablet PC, but if you're after the acme in iPad armour, look no further. The tablet slots into a two-part hard plastic shell to which you then slip on the rubber surround that wraps over the back and sides of the case. Next, clip on a large hatch that covers the dock connector. Lastly, there's a secondary back panel that is actually a stand, docked to the back of the case for convenience.

You'll need the skills of a Houdini to get the iPad out again, but if you're giving it this degree of protection you're probably not going to want to do that anyway.

In all, the Defender is very well made with confidence-inspiring thick plastic, all of which is coated internally to prevent scratches. It looks the part too. It comes with a stick on screen cov, a thick card squeegee to ensure no air is trapped beneath and a chammy leather to clean it.

Otterbox Defender Series

Reg Rating 85%
Price RRP: £65 Online: £50
More Info Otterbox

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