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A Geeks Guide 2GG2 In this week’s Geeks Guide we will be looking at recent releases for HTML 5 that provide you with all the required knowledge on the latest version of the web development language. We now offer FREE UK delivery & same working day dispatch on all titles, as well as a 40 per cent discount on all books featured in GG2.

HTML 5: Up & Running

HTML 5: Up & RunningWritten by Google developer Mark Pilgrim, who specialises in open source and open standards, this book is ideal for those eager to learn all the new features in HTML 5. The book is presented in a concise format across 205 pages packed with screenshots. Complete with its trademark O’Reilly cover, the book can be easily used by those familiar with HTML web development and those looking to try their hand at mastering the art.

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Learn HTML and CSS with w3schools

Learn HTML and CSS with w3schoolsThis is an easy-to-follow book from w3schools, featuring clear examples, tutorials and simple explanations. It is ideal for those looking for a guide that provides them with accelerated learning within the field of HTML 5. It is also perfect for beginners of web development, and equally useful for experienced professionals who want to use this as a one-stop quick reference.

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Pro HTML 5 Programming – Powerful APIs for Richer Application Development

Pro HTML Programming – Powerful APIs for Richer Application DevelopmentAimed at the intermediate to advanced user, this book delves into detail on all you need to know for HTML 5. The book shows you how the specification has evolved and which features are available to developers today. It won’t have you covering the basics of web development, rather it will provide advanced readers with the new techniques available in the latest version of HTML. Topics covered include using the HTML canvas API, working with HTML 5 geolocation API, as well as discussing the future of HTML 5.

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Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript

Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScriptFrom Jon Duckett comes an 834-page guide for both novices and experienced users. This book provides readers with basic information on how to make websites available, as well as advice on how to get websites recognised by search engines. Within this book readers will also come across topics the writer believes will be important to consider for future web development. All chapters end with exercises to assist the reader in their learning of the topics discussed as well as reinforcing what you have learnt.

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