Navigon 70 Plus

Navigon 70 Plus satnav

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As you would expect from a premium PND you get a host of other features including speed camera locations, European guided tours – for the Lake District in the case of the UK – a feature called Last Mile which remembers where you parked and changes to pedestrian mode assuming you can't drive to your destination and "realistic" lane views at motorways junctions.

Navigon 70 Plus

Functions aside, the big screen will certainly appeal to those who do a lot of driving


The £199 Plus sits second from top in the Navigon 70 range below the £260 Premium. For the extra you get Bluetooth, voice command and a semi-transparent 3D view of city blocks. The last is a bit of a gimmick but the other two functions may appeal to those who spend a serious amount of time behind the wheel. Still, the motion sensitive menus and animated lane guidance are enough to separate the Plus 70 from the herd, while the five-inch screen makes it very easy to see where you should be going. ®

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Navigon 70 Plus

Navigon 70 Plus satnav

Big screen satnav with a brace of fastlane-friendly functions.
Price: £199 RRP

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