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Save over £500 at Reg Books

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A Geeks Guide 2Geeks Guide 2 This week on Geek’s Guide we’re offering you the chance to save over £500. Simply put, if you’re one of the first 365 Reg readers to demo a Microsoft Training 365 subscription this month, you will be entitled to a 50 per cent discount on a Microsoft Training 365 Technical Subscription worth £1,173.83. This offer is limited and exclusive to Reg Books.

Remind me… What is it again?

Microsoft Training 365 Technical Subscription - Save 50%. In case you don’t know, Microsoft Training 365 is an official training subscription launched at the start of the year, proving popular with Reg readers and techies alike. There are five subscriptions available, each aimed at IT professionals, developers, or home and office users, offering 12 months' access to up to 1,500+ official Microsoft Online Learning courses.

You can take a course 24x7 anywhere in the world while fully managing your enrolments and progress using the “365” website. There are no hidden costs or setup fees and you can be using your subscription within 30 minutes of purchase.

The Technical Subscription is a value package combining all the features of the IT Professional and Developer subscriptions. That’s over 1,100 IT pro and more than 300 developer courses with the added bonus of Microsoft Virtual Labs which allow you to practice your new skills before letting them loose on your own gear. You can compare all five subscriptions at the Reg Books website.

Every subscription offers courses that help you prepare for Microsoft Certification. Over 90 exams are covered, 79 within the Technical Subscription, for certifications such as MCTS, MCITP, MCAD and MCSD.

What do I get with a demo?

A Microsoft Training 365 demo is an excellent way to get a feel for what a subscription has to offer. For seven days you get to trial the entire experience; find the courses you want, enrol on them, and finally get your hands dirty by using them. There is a choice of over 100 courses to use throughout the duration of your demo – but remember that’s just a fraction of the number you’ll get as a subscriber.

You will be offered the 50% discount when you are logged in to your demo account.

In summary

Check out Microsoft Training 365 at Register Books for more information on how it works and how to register for a demo.

Remember, this offer is only available to the first 365 readers to demo a Microsoft Training 365 this September – so be quick! Demo access lasts for seven days and you can buy the Technical Subscription for £499.50 (excluding VAT) throughout that period.

This promotion is offered in conjunction with C.B.Learning, a division of Register Books’ fulfilment partner Computer Bookshops.
*Offer correct at time of going to press.
Offer covers selected title only.
Terms and Conditions apply.


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