Creative World of Warcraft headphones

Creative World of Warcraft headphones

Wireless gear for weekend warriors

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A small USB transmitter provides a 2.4GHz wireless connection that sends out uncompressed audio, and pairing the transmitter to the headphones is a simple matter of pressing the ‘Connect’ button on each device for three seconds. The transmitter registers as a standard USB audio device on a Mac or a PC, so you don’t need to install any software to use the headphones.

Creative World of Warcraft headphones

Speak Elf? Tweak this utility and you'll sound like you are

I initially found that higher frequencies sounded a little muffled at lower volumes, but they come out more strongly as you increase the volume, and the overall audio quality was very good – although I still reckon that Sennheiser’s RS 160 pair has a slight edge with the clarity of its higher frequencies.

But, in addition to wireless music playback, the headphones also provide some extra features for WoW players. Although you can use the cans without any additional software, Creative does provide an optional control panel program for both Macs and PCs as a free download from its web site.

Creative World of Warcraft headphones

Adjust your set

As well as a providing a full set of equaliser controls and presets for adjusting music output, this software allows you to alter the colour and intensity of the logo lenses, or make them cycle through a range of colours. There’s an option for emphasising voice output as you bark orders at your guild-mates, and even a ‘voicefx’ option that modifies your voice as you speak into the mike to make you sound like an elf, dwarf, or one of the other races found in World of Warcraft.


A price tag of almost £150 might seem like a lot for a set of gaming headphones, but it’s not unreasonable when compared to similar wireless headsets such as the aforementioned Sennheiser RS 160.

In addition, the WoW headphones also provide some fun customisation options that will appeal to the game’s many dedicated followers, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if quite a few guild members find themselves settling in for a long evening of gaming with the World of Warcraft headphones quietly glowing atop their pointy little ears. ®

The Power of One Infographic

Creative World of Warcraft headphones

Creative World of Warcraft headphones

Pricey, but the many customisation options will appeal to dedicated WoW fans.
Price: £150 (wireless) £110 (wired) RRP


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