Final Fantasy XIII

360 vs PS3

Square Enix did a very brave thing

Final Fantasy XIII

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Not so much a coup de maître for Microsoft after all then. After 50 + hours of my life lost to Square Enix and a rethink of my initial reservations I really liked this game, I know a lot of FF fans who didn't because it's different from previous instalments, but I think Square Enix did a very brave thing. Too many game developers these days spend their time making sequels which only differ from the original by a smattering of new features - all in the hope of the most profit for the least effort.

Square Enix could've easily made a game exactly the same as FF7 and people would still buy it, but they did something a lot of companies don't have the guts to do: take a really popular, long running, fan loved series and re-invent it.

It worked very well and I think that's something they should be commended for. It feels like a labour of love not a cash cow and that’s one of the reasons I love this game.

Now If only they had made the beginning a bit more exciting...

Final Fantasy XIII

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Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII takes its time to ramp up, but once it does it becomes one of the most absorbing titles in the franchise to date. JRPG fans should find plenty to love about the game not least the stunning visuals, but it is a shame many first time players will stall at the initial grind.
Price: £40 RRP
Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

Microsoft obviously pulled some expensive strings to get this release cross platform but the clumsy encoding will disappoint those willing to make a detailed comparison. The other 99% of 360 owners who won’t notice or care should buy this game for a glimpse into a previously exclusive and dazzling franchise.
Price: £40 RRP

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