Twitter and theregister. Why it doesn't work

Not ours to break

A while ago a very nice anonymous reader set up a feed to pump out an all our stories feed at

He or she did this without asking us, but hey! This unofficial reregister feed attracted 1,951 followers. Not massive, but we weren't complaining.

But then, on December 11, this Twitter stopped feeding.

Since then we have had a trickle of requests to turn it back on. We can't. It's not ours.

My colleague Murray has tried to contact who owns "theregister" via Twitter. No response, alas.

This is what you can do: follow an official Reg Twitter feed.

We are:

Also, some of our journos have their own twitter feeds - our storage guru Chris Mellor is more active than most -

Lastly, whoever has you're not using it. It's broke. We can fix it.

You know the right thing to do.

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