Sony Ericsson Yari

Sony Ericsson Yari

Anyone for tennis?

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7 Elements of Radically Simple OS Migration

Other games include Guitar Rock Tour, with its Guitar Hero-style Simon Says match the coloured dots in time action, while Get Cookin' is a trial of a motion-based SIMS-style role-play game plus a trial of the real thing with Sims 3 – you'll only get a few minutes before you get stung for the £5 charge.

Sony Ericsson Yari Sony Ericsson Yari

Intuitive menu icons and NetFront Internet browser

There are also small-screen favourites like Tetris and Quadrapop, as well as Bowling and the Breakout-style Bubble Town. Aside from these, you can also download loads of games from SE's PlayNow store – there's a section for motion games, but none yet for gesture recognition.

The NetFront 3.5 web browser is perfectly fine, and easy to navigate with the sensitive, onscreen cursor. Mini-map, address bar, bookmarks and downloads all easily accessible on the menu bar and you can cut and paste text too. The screen's a bit small for extended reading, but it displays pages well and there's support for Flash video. Fast network access is available via HSDPA, but there's no Wi-Fi to take advantage of proper grown-up broadband access.

Sample Shots

Sony Ericsson Yari

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Sony Ericsson Yari

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Sony Ericsson Yari

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While the camera may not carry the Cybershot moniker of SE's more serious camphones, it's certainly no slouch. With face detection, smile shot plus geotagging using the phone's onboard aGPS – there's also Google Maps and WisePilot sat nav on-board. However, there's no BestPic sequence shooting option, as featured in the Satio.

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