Iomega eGo

Iomega eGo 320GB pocket external hard drive

Pocket-flat backup bargain?

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Secure remote control for conventional and virtual desktops

Data security is also a feature of the Protection Suite software bundle. None of the apps are actually in the box: you need to download the programs separately and install them using the serial numbers provided.

Iomega eGo

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The core of the PS bundle comprises EMC Retrospect Express for Windows and Mac, plus a copy of EMC Retrospect Express HD for Windows only. The first two are standard backup fare of the kind that tends to be bundled with USB drives, and perfectly good they are too. The HD edition is an off-the-shelf, standalone product that sells for around 50 quid and leads home users through backup tasks using a friendly wizard interface.

Also included is Iomega's own QuickProtect for Windows - a very basic file-copy backup utility that does not require any special software to restore the files - and a six-month subscription for McAfee VirusScan Plus for Windows. By now, you have probably realised that Mac users are missing out a bit.

One final cross-platform inclusion is the promise of a free 2GB worth of online storage at the MozyHome Online Backup. This would be generous if it wasn't for the fact that MozyHome already offers 2GB of free online storage to everyone anyway.


The new eGo 320GB is slim, light and good-looking. It's rugged enough to deal with knocks and even the occasional drop - onto carpet only, please - but the much-lauded Protection Suite software bundle is uninspiring: Retrospect Express is definitely worthwhile but the other bits and pieces feel like, well, just bits and pieces. So, the eGo is not the fastest nor the most feature-packed pocketable disk drive around, but it does the job very stylishly and the price is competitive. ®

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Iomega eGo

Iomega eGo 320GB pocket external hard drive

In its redesigned case, the subtly rugged eGo is reborn as a ‘data protected’ package that still looks pretty.
Price: £75 (320GB), £100 (500GB) RRP

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