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Geeks Guide 2 from Register BooksGeeks Guide2 Now the festive period is well and truly over, GG2 is back and returns with not only an IT angle but with an IT guru of an author to boot. This week we’re offering up Bruce Schneier’s latest book, imaginatively titled Schneier on Security, with the usual GG2 40 per cent discount.

Are we really safer than before 9/11? We’ve sacrificed our privacy, convenience and in some cases our dignity in the hope of being safer. But has it bought us security, or merely an illusion? These are the questions that Bruce ponders in his latest book.

The closest the security industry has to a rock star - The RegisterSchneier on Security is a compendium of articles and blog postings by Bruce between 2002 and 2008. As ever they remain intensely readable, presenting useful advice and feature some of the most insightful and informative coverage of the strengths and weaknesses of computer security. Schneier also illustrates the price people pay, figuratively and literally, when security fails.

In a world that is forever becoming more paranoid, Bruce indicates that people are the ultimate security risk. His articles make for a compelling case for common sense and discuss how many of the security practices we have in place are in fact a security risk in themselves. Further blogs consider the issues surrounding security hot topics such as airplanes, passports, voting machines, ID cards, cameras, passwords, internet banking, sporting events, computers and castles.

Schneier on Security - 40% Off - Now only £11.39A must read for anyone who values security at any level, Schneier offers opinions on how we can truly become safer – not only online, but also in our daily lives such as at work, school or even on airplanes. Schneier on Security is available now at The Register Books for just £11.39, a £7.60 saving and 40 per cent off the usual RRP.

Typical of our GG2 articles, we have a sample chapter for you all to devour which is available to download below.

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