Asus' angular laptop-of-the-future designs spied

Curves are so yesterday...

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CES Hidden away from the hordes of Eee PCs on Asus' CES stand - how many variants on the netbook theme can this company come up with? - was a set of concept laptop designs that quite caught our eye.

Will their angular styling ever make it to market? Well, as one Asus staffer noted, a couple of years back, the company's bamboo-clad laptop occupied just such a space. This year, it arrived as a product you can go out and buy.

Presumably, then, we'll be seeing these prismatic PCs in shops two years from now... ®

Asus concept laptop
Asus concept laptop

Asus concept laptop
Asus concept laptop

Asus concept laptop
Asus concept laptop
Asus concept laptop

Asus concept laptop
Asus concept laptop

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