Geeks Guide2... Christmas - Part III

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Geeks Guide 2 ChristmasSo we come to the third part of our trilogy of festive books, all at 40% OFF the list price. From Chocolate to WWII, Doctor Who to the Pentium, there’s something for everyone here and every order placed will be despatched same day, even the ones that qualify for free P&P.

Cadbury's Purple Reign

Cadbury's Purple ReignWe start with something that is always eaten in gargantuan amounts at Crimbo, chocolate. Cadbury's Purple Reign is a definitive authorised history of the Cadbury brand written by John Bradley, who spent 24 years at the company. This is an in-depth, no holds barred story of how Cadbury’s started as a small shop in Birmingham and came to be one of the world most famous chocolate brands.

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The Pentium Chronicles

The Pentium ChroniclesNext we have another insider’s perspective as this book describes the key decisions that shaped the P6, Intel’s most successful chip. Written by one of the co-leaders of the team who created the P6 microarchitecture, this book is filled with stories of ordinary people doing exceptional things, as well as frank assessments of "oops" moments, all of which leaves you with a great understanding of what it takes to create a successful product.

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More Joel on Software

More Joel on SoftwareJoel Spolsky, he of Excel Basic & VBA fame, has gone back to the Joel on Software archives and pulled out another batch of favourite articles. Following on from the excellent Joel on Software and innovatively called More Joel on Software, this is a collection of Joel’s opinions and impressions on development, design, running a business and managing people which will be useful to anyone in IT.

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Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale

Doctor Who: The Writer's TaleUsing candid, in-depth correspondence between journalist Benjamin Cook and Russell T Davies, the Head Writer and Executive Producer of Doctor Who, this book covers a year spent working on series four of the reinvigorated classic. It explores in detail how the series was planned, where ideas for plots and characters come from and how creative decisions are made. Friendly, funny and honest insights are illustrated with previously unseen photos and artwork, including original drawings, making this book a must for every Whovian.

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How to Be a Geek Goddess

How to Be a Geek GoddessHow to Be a Geek Goddess shows women how to sort out technology decisions without needing to ask a man. From buying a computer to shopping for electronics or a mobile phone, technology author Christina Tynan-Wood explains everything with the minimum of acronyms.

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Voices from the Code Breakers

Voices from the Code BreakersFinally we revisit a recently covered title that proved so popular we quickly sold out, so we’ve got plenty of stock in and decided to give you lot another chance. This is a comprehensive look at the undercover war of WWII, from the British cryptologists at Bletchley Park to the Navajo Indians working in Japan, revealing just how much of it was won away from the battlefields and how each side desperately tried to get into the heads of the opposing code makers.

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