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In a world where there is greater demand for more timely, concise, and accurate data, software testing has become an integral part of any organisation's endeavours for a stable IT infrastructure.

Software testing helps identify the correctness, completeness, security, and quality of developed computer software, ensuring data protection, information dissemination, and flexibility. In an industry that is growing exponentially and worth substantial amounts of money, it's impossible to ignore this increasingly pervasive topic.

To help the new wave and more experienced software testers flourish with the latest techniques and processes, we have outlined the most effective and productive books on the topic and slashed the prices.

  • Foundations of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification
    Graham and Erik van Veenendaal, seasoned test-professionals and developers of the ISTQB syllabus, have made a book that will help you pass the ISTQB exam and qualify at Foundation Level. The book adopts a practical approach, covering the fundamental principles that every system and software tester should know, making it an essential guide to software testing.
  • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
    Noted object-oriented designer Martin Fowler, with the help of an expert group of contributors, has created an indispensable handbook of solutions that are applicable to any enterprise application platform. Armed with this book, you will have the knowledge necessary to make important architectural decisions about building an enterprise application and the proven patterns for use when building them.
  • Successful Test Management: An Integral Approach
    At a time when information systems are becoming ever more complex and quality to market and time to market are critical for many companies, a structured test process is essential. Based on their long-term industry experience, Pinkster and her co-authors describe a holistic approach to test management that combines test methods, test management, risk assessment, and stakeholder management into one integral process. This book should be in every test manager's backpack.
  • Practical Software Testing
    Based on the needs of software professionals, Practical Software Testing introduces testing concepts that are managerial, technical, and process-oriented, using the Testing Maturity Model (TMM) as a framework. Professionals and practitioners in software testing, software quality assurance, or software validation and verification will benefit greatly from using this essential resource.
  • Best Practices in Software Measurement
    The combination of methodologies and applications makes the book ideally suited for professionals in the software industry. Besides the many practical hints and checklists, readers will also appreciate the large reference list, which includes links to metrics communities where project experiences are shared.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture: A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services
    This book acts as a knowledge base for issues relating to XML integration, and provides clear, concise advice on how to best determine the manner and direction XML technology should be positioned and integrated. The book will be one of the first to provide documentation for second-generation web services technologies (also known as WS-*).
  • Software Testing, 2nd Edition
    This book provides practical insight into the world of software testing and quality assurance. Learn how to find problems in any computer program, how to plan an effective test approach, and how to tell when software is ready for release. Updated from the previous edition in 2000 to include a chapter that specifically deals with testing software for security bugs, the processes and techniques used throughout the book are timeless.
  • Software Testing Foundations, Second Edition
    With authors, who are among the founders of the ISTQB, this improved, updated, newly edited 2nd Edition covers the "Foundations Level", and teaches the most important methods of software testing. It is designed for self-study and provides the necessary knowledge to pass the Certified Tester - Foundations Level exam as defined by the ISTQB. It also covers more recent topics, such as test-first approach and risk-based testing.
  • The Art of Software Testing, 2nd Edition
    This long-awaited revision of a bestseller provides a practical discussion of the nature and aims of software testing. You'll find the latest methodologies for the design of effective test cases, including information on psychological and economic principles, managerial aspects, test tools, high-order testing, code inspections, and debugging. Accessible, comprehensive, and always practical, this edition provides the key information you need to test successfully, whether a novice or a working programmer. Buy your copy today and end up with fewer bugs tomorrow.

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