Bruce Willis ousts Deep Purple for Eurovision title

But which is more of a threat to humanity?

The UK's misbehaving yoof will be disappointed to find out the gov has decided to scrap its plans to punish them for being naughty boys and girls. Or not.

"The DfES said it was looking at other ways to give young people recreational outlets"

A million quid buys a lot of paintball sessions.

When I was young it was considered the job of parents to issue admonishments, groundings and financial disincentives. Even if there really was software called NannyState v.2.3 i don't think it would be wise to use it.

Old school band Deep Purple was so ashamed of its album re-release it pleaded with its fans not to buy it.

Hi, I can't find a way to leave a comment about your Deep Purple story. But as a follow up: if Ian Gillan now believes it was one of their worst ever concert performances, any chance fans who went to the gig could get their money back....??



"Sony BMG is not in the business of releasing albums without the knowledge of the artists. It is in our interests to work with artists, so they can promote their records and continue to work with us."

What's that smell? *sniff* *sniff* Smells like the byproduct of a male cow's digestive tract. *sniff* Yep, it's definitely BULLSHIT.

SonyBMG is in the business of exploiting artists, ripping off customers, shifting blame for failure around the management carousel, and reducing the quality of music available to the planet. "Working" with "artists" has got to be way down on their list, just after "tidy desk" and "refurbish reception area at head office... again"

Meanwhile, Israelis "voted overwhelmingly" to send a song having a poke at Iran's nuclear ambitions to this year's Eurovision Song Contest. What, you mean to say Eurovision's political?

Now THAT's original...

Ever hear of Tom Lehrer? Songs like "who's next", "so long mom, I'm off to drop the bomb" and "we will all go together" from the sixties...

(and probably quite a lot funnier, too)

Meh, call me when someone has the guts again to bite the head of a pigeon. Darkness, please. Only The Prince of Darkness can make that claim. Let Ozzy take the stage at the Eurovision Songfestival, you'll have something to talk about for about a decade or so

Israelis have "voted overwhelmingly" to send a song having a poke at Iran's nuclear ambitions...

What the @*#!, I think after that Iran should be allowed to not only enrich for power but enrich to build bombs. Israel has bombs, seems to be taunting Iran, and they are the ones truly threatened by an Iran with Nukes. See how much Israel would like to poke at Iran then.

And on the subject of threats to the human race, Bruce Willis is to face down cyberterrorists in upcoming blockbuster Live Free or Die Hard.

RE: Live Free or Die Hard

Seems that they have changed the title for UK viewers to `Die Hard 4.0` I'm not sure if this is for UK only or the whole of Europe. Possibly a marketing manoeuvre to ensure that the British public are aware that this is the 4th in a series? Although I hope they do not believe us to be that stupid...

Whatever the reason, it had better be good!

Yours sincerely Jon, a die hard Die Hard fan.

This is why I said this whole 'war on terrorism' was a good thing. >From a strategic perspective it is the absolute most dumbest thing anyone in public office has ever attempted but from an entertainment perspective it's a dream come true: - the war never ends - all kinds of movies are being made to celebrate the event - people will write books with their personal experiences/perspective on it - generations will graduate on topics related to the 'conflict' - military academies the world over will have seminars on how not to wage war, and give this conflict as the prime example - music is made celebrating/hating/loathing war - memorial contractors are going to build memorials all over the place - people will visit the memorials like a shrine - post cards, trinkets and sundry memorabelia will be sold in its shadow

I appreciate Bruce Willis. I look forward to seeing this movie.

"Sly said viewers might remember him from films such as Rambo where he came up against terrorists."

I'm sorry... Which movie was this?

lesse... The first (First blood) was about some hell bent over zealous (US) prison guards beating the shit out of a former spec forces guy. And getting what they deserved... No terrorists there... (Unless he's subscribing to the point that the US are the biggest bunch of terrorists out ther).

The second (Rambo movie) was IIRC about going into Vietnam to kill & maim innocent soldiers in their own country in a display of further imperialism by the terrorist forces of the US govt...

The thurd Rambo move was about Russians in Afghanastan... And featured Rambo giving guns TO the afghans in an effort to blow up the then governement forces... Perhaps this is the terrorist force involved...

So... Which movie had Sly working AGAINST the terrorists again?

[Heck maybe there was a 4th movie... But they were getting pretty bad by III so I'm not convinced I'd have watched it if he did personally behead Osama himself] H

And to finish, Middle England has got itself into a bit of a tizz over abuses of our beloved English language by Strategy Boutiques. But you are more interested in taking us to task:

Ouch, "Americanized" as a perjorative. Perhaps you're not aware of this, but there are actually two different countries called the United States of America. I'm from the other one.

Or not.

Human languages are living things. They grow and change, and discard parts of themselves that no longer serve their masters. Otherwise we'd all be talking like Shakespeare (don't I wish). Here in the USofA we hear the same lament about the decline of the language. But y'know what, 21st century English is way easier to read and understand than 19th century English, and that's a fact. The love of long words and circumlocution is nonfunctional, and it's been kicked out of the language. And great works of literature are still produced, even in modern English, even in America.

It could be worse. You could have to be French, with silly laws trying to hold the language still for 400 years while the world changed.

So get used to it. The world changes, and so does English. We live long enough nowadays to see more change. It means you're not dead yet, so celebrate.

Dear Lester,

I do not follow your argument that, because the *etymology* of the word "horse" in Spanish stems from "caballus" rather than "equus", the *meaning* of the word "decimate" should be accepted as "destroy" rather than "reduce by one tenth". For both "decimate" and "caballo", the correct meaning can be determined from the etymology.

You are confusing origin with destination in an attempt to cover-up your previous mistake. As with any scandal, it is the cover-up that kills - or rather exposes a willingness to resort to syllogism, which is the lowest form of bamboozlement. Shame on you! Back to the trivium for El Reg.

best wishes,


Admonished indeed. We're off to study the etymology at the bottom of a pint glass. More of your thoughts, next week. ®

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