Christmas gifts for geeks

Your pressie search is over!

Site offer Christmas is coming and even geeks leave their machines, indulge in a little turkey, maybe a mince pie or two, and rejoice in the euphoria created by a few appropriately chosen pressies.

Computers, games, and other such fun are the order of the day and the titles below will appeal to any geek who has taken the Christmas period off from writing the next big thing – they might even appeal to you as well. Especially with a 40 per cent discount!

So check out the books below and grab a gift or two that will be sure to keep your favourite geek happy on Christmas day.

  • Greetings in Jesus Name!: The Scambaiter Letters

    Letters asking us for money for orphans, for victims of hurricanes, letters telling us we've won the Spanish lottery, letters telling us we have been contacted because we are known to be of good integrity and could be trusted to bank 30 million in our saving's account, for a generous fee of 10 per cent of the sum. To most of us the letters are an irritant. To Michael Berry they are a call to arms.

  • How to Label a Goat

    Have you ever thrown your arms up in despair while trying to complete an official form and asked yourself "Just what is the point of this?" You're not alone. Red tape in Britain has reached epidemic proportions and this book offers just a glimpse of all the rules and regulations.

  • The Bumper Book of Government Waste

    Welcome to the world of waste. You are about to enter a twilight zone of crazy spending, political correctness, utter incompetence, and fantastic jollies all funded by the British taxpayer - and by taxpayer, we mean you.

  • Colossus: Bletchley Park's Greatest Secret

    Using recently declassified information, this is the greatest untold story of Bletchley Park: a gripping account of the invention of the world's first true computer, Colossus, and the crucial part it played in winning the war.

  • The Encyclopedia of Game Machines: Consoles, Handhelds & Home Computers 1972-2005

    More than 450 dream machines, from million-dollar sellers to exotic variants, are celebrated in this exhaustive reference to video gaming systems.

  • On the Edge: The Spectacular Rise & Fall of Commodore

    Filled with first-hand accounts of ambition, greed, and inspired engineering, this history of the personal computer revolution takes readers inside the cutthroat world of Commodore.

  • The Cult of Mac

    There is no product on the planet that enjoys the devotion of a Macintosh computer. Apple's machines have legions of loyal, sometimes demented fans. The Cult of Mac surveys the devoted following that has grown up around Macintosh computers.

  • The Cult of iPod

    The Cult of iPod includes the exclusive back story of the iPod's development; looks at the many ways iPod's users pay homage to their devices; and investigates the quirkier aspects of iPod culture, such as iPod-jacking (strangers plugging into each other's iPods to discover new music), as well as the growing legions of MP3Js (regular folks who use their iPods to become DJs).

  • Inside the Machine

    Computers perform countless tasks ranging from the business critical to the recreational, but regardless of how differently they may look and behave, they're all amazingly similar in basic function. Once you understand how the microprocessor - or central processing unit (CPU) - works, you'll have a firm grasp of the fundamental concepts at the heart of all modern computing. ®

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