Chickens and guinea pigs menace civil liberties

Or was that the EU?

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High performance access to file storage

Google is punting news archives. We have the first review:

Thanks for the tip about Google News Archives. Being a curious fella, I had a quick shufti. Can't see it being much use really. Have you actually read any of the search results?

Try this "paralysed facl iht 5onldino1 4MO men, although bountT money and oth- lasurea were resorted to. Even half had shiort crews. Jit the sta the...." goes on in much the same vein for a fair old while.

However, for the princely sum of $5,000 per month* you can get the actual photograph of the newspaper page the text was OCR'd from. Who provided what to whom for free again?

Cheers, Al

* converted to New Zealand money for your convenience.

You are, as they say, too kind.

Using the new Google service is better if you install a netpass which unlocks many of those paid articles for free.

I found this on download.com: http://www.download.com/Congoo-NetPass-Toolbar/3000-2378_4-10517599.html?tag=lst-0-1

For folks who dont have a credit card, at least you can read some of those paid articles for free.


dear mark - it's über techie - not uber techie. u might need a german keyboard. enjoy ur day, jens

Jens, Mark writes, - thanks for the pointer, but i'm afraid the word's become well and truly anglicised.the word is in such widespread use in certain english and american communities, that it's become another example of living -- i.e. bastardized -- language. Mark

(Jens subsequently pointed out that there are articles on The Reg that use the umlaut in uber - in the defence of which we can only say that no-one ever accused us of consistency and got away with it).

<Editorial intervention> It's generally accepted that the ü in über makes any word more comically German, and therefore intensifies the pseudo-Teutonic effect for greater reading pleasure. Also, English and American both begin with capital letters, so it's back to the channel überpit pit of distie despair for you, me old china - ed.</Editorial intervention>

A rare response to a rare old flame. Yes, it is true we do eat babies' souls. They go well with mustard, but the true connoisseur would have to season them with pickled ginger.

Given that the American Public at Large (although not every single member thereof) has been force fed large, high intensity, psycho-babble enhanced amounts of "BE AFRAID" every single day since 2001, it is unfortunately no wonder that such responses are to be seen in your mail Lester.

I had to seriously wonder about the 'no liquids/no gels' crap when it came out, having taken my chemistry seriously in grade 11 quite some years ago. I still seriously doubt the ability to create any sort of accelerant capable of completely disabling an aircraft in flight with amounts as small as 500ml, and facilities that DONT include bunsen burners and nitrogen baths. Do recall that TV such as CSI and the like have addled brains about how much science they know. Batteries should of COURSE be removed from powered wheelchairs and stored in cargo to prevent killing the aircrew.

However I will point out that the education system here in Canada is still providing all the info nessesary info to set up and fire off a nuclear device in physics class ... (a friends daughter recently took it and was fascinated by the detail)

So -- in conclusion -- If you happen to be of low enough IQ to buy the fox network and American Government kaka about terrorists destroying democracy all over the world feel free to jump down my throat, threaten my offspring, degrade my nationality and in general behave in the manner which has engendered terrorist hatred all along.

(not you of course Lester, but I'm SURE that it would happen, were this posted online)


Well, let's see, shall we?

Speaking of unspeakable deeds, we brought you news that Jack Thompson is blaming video games for the world's ills. Again.

"Thompson is a veteran campaigner against violence in video games and their sale to young people"

We have another phrase that should be substituted for "campaigner against violence in video games." That phrase is "political opportunist."

Ten thousand years ago, people killed one another with rocks and sticks, and there were no video games - not even "My Little Pony."

Two thousand years ago, people killed one another with swords and spears, and there were no video games.

One hundred forty years ago, Americans killed one another with guns, swords, and whatever else was handy - and there were no video games.

Around fifty years ago, a fellow named Spock (the human, not the Vulcan) came along and wrote a book about how to raise your children, which proposed the novel idea that children should be permitted to do whatever they damned well please, and should never be punished for misbehavior.

So sudddenly along comes Jack Thompson, and immediately it becomes clear that video games are responsible for school shootings?

Surely I am not the only thinking person left on Planet Earth. It must be abundantly clear to anyone who is at least slightly smarter than broccoli that Jack Thompson is interested in making publicity (and therefor money) for Jack Thompson, and that his qualifications for determinign the causes of violence are, if anything, measured in negative values.

Any so-called "journalist" in the mainstram press who gives Thompson the publicity he wants does not even deserve the term "hack." Hacks have *some* pride, at least.


"...if somebody comes in my house I want to be able to kill him." Naturally a lack of respect for the sanctity of human life would have nothing to do with the level of violence in the USA. It would appear that trespassing is a capital crime. There's no talk of defence here, of shooting to disable or deter, just of killing.


And while we are on the subject of having no respect, how about that bloody cockerel in Scotland? I dunno. Kids these days.

I spent the weekend camping in the Cotswolds where nearby there was a farm with a rather noisy cockerel.

He kicked off at 4 in the morning when I can only guess the farmer let his dogs out. Strangely though, he kept his volume down for his early rant and saved his best until his six-o-clock outburst.

I really didn't mind his noise, it was reassuringly countryside and quite welcome. If the B&B owner hasn't realised the wonders of double glazing then it is a real shame, I was in a tent and was fine with the noise. Certainly much better than early morning police helicopters and tossers who think honking their horn at 6:30 to get their mates out for work is acceptable.

Besides, my girlfriend was quite happy with a bit of cock in the morning. (Sorry, it was too obvious and far too easy!)   Cheers,   Rich

More on Friday. Thanks for listening. ®

High performance access to file storage

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