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Cash'n'Carrion Dive Into Python is a hands-on guide to the Python language. Each chapter starts with a real complete code sample, proceeds to pick it apart and explain the pieces, and then puts it all back together again in a summary at the end.

Dive into PythonPython is a new and innovative scripting language that is set to replace Perl as the programming language of choice for shell scripters, and for serious application developers wanting a feature-rich yet simple language to deploy their products in. Not for the faint-hearted Dive into Python assumes you know at least one real object-oriented language, such as Java, C#, or Delphi, and that you know at least one other scripting language, such as Perl, Visual Basic, or Javascript.

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  • Dive Into Python
    RRP £25.00 - Reg price - £15.00
    This book is not for newbies, wimps, or for dummies™. If you're just getting started in programming, it doesn't mean you can't learn Python. Python is an easy language to learn, but you should probably learn it somewhere else.
  • The Definitive Guide to SWT and JFace
    RRP £31.50 - Reg price - £18.90
    This book takes developers through the entire class hierarchy of SWT, explaining clearly (with Java code) how to use all the widgets in the toolkit. JFace, an additional abstraction layer built on SWT, is also described. The book demonstrates how to build applications with JFace with explanation and example code.
  • Pro Hibernate 3
    RRP £27.99 - Reg price - £16.79
    The first book to offer complete coverage of the open source lightweight Hibernate 3 and its new features. If you have experience using Java with databases, but lack experience with Hibernate, this book is ideal. Similarly, if you have some familiarity with Hibernate 2 and want to learn version 3, it's a wise addition to your library.
  • Building Portals with the Java Portlet API
    RRP £31.50 - Reg price - £18.90
    Describes the new portlet API, including security, lifecycles, configuration, and personalisation. Several example portlets are developed to give readers hands-on portlet experience. Because most readers will be integrating their existing systems into a portal, the book covers porting an already written application into the portal environment.
  • J2ME Games with MIDP2
    RRP £25.00- Reg price - £15.00
    This book specifically addresses the challenge and fun of building game applications for wireless Java-based mobile and PDA applications using the latest MIDP 2 specification. Follow this book with David Croft’s Advanced Java Game Programming (Apress, forthcoming) for a complete game developer’s experience.
  • Herding Cats: A Primer for Programmers Who Lead Programmers
    RRP £23.30 - Reg price - £13.98
    A comprehensive guide that explores the management challenges of supervising and leading programmers. Introduces new and not-so-new managers to concepts that will encourage them and help them become a strong leaders for their teams.
  • Physics for Game Programmers
    RRP £30.99 - Reg price - £18.59
    Infuse compelling and realistic action into game programming. Covers basic physics and mathematical models and then shows how to implement them - simulate motion and behaviour of cars, planes, projectiles, rockets, and boats. This book is neither code heavy nor language specific. You’ll enjoy the conversational tone, and all physics jargon is properly explained.
  • Introduction to 3D Game Engine Design Using DirectX 9 and C#
    RRP £32.00 - Reg price - £19.20
    A step-by-step guide to creating a simple 3D game engine. You'll develop an off-road driving game that brings such features as management of large scenes, environmental effects, and physics into play, and you'll go beyond simple graphics to explore audio, user input, artificial intelligence, and multiplayer design.
  • Beginning .NET Game Programming in C#
    RRP £28.50 - Reg price - £17.10
    This book presents the additional work of David Weller (.NET Game evangelist at Microsoft) and a group of key Microsoft insiders who decided to make the bestselling .NET Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 (VB .NET Edition) even better. It has passed all internal Microsoft tests as to programming style and is the perfect way to get into .NET game programming using the C# language.
  • The Definitive Guide to Plone
    RRP £28.50 - Reg price - £17.10
    The authoritative, unique guide to Plone, describing everything from installing Plone (on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux) to writing code for the system. If you want to adopt Plone for some or all of its features, this is the title to pick up and learn by.

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