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Cash'n'Carrion This week, we thought we'd start off with some words of wisdom: "A wonderful thing about a book, in contrast to a computer screen, is that you can take it to bed with you." - Daniel J Boorstein.

So, on this note, we've got list of wondrous titles to keep you wallowing in the sack. While away the hours with topics such as programming C++, C#, J2EE, Java, Hibernate and Assembly.

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Professional Development With Web API's: Google, eBay, PayPal, Amazon.com, MapPoint, UPS, FedExProfessional Web APIs
Gosnell, Denise M
ISBN: 0764584456

Shows developers how to harness the power of services such as Google, eBay, PayPal, and Amazon.com from within an application. After a quick review of the basics, it dives into more advanced techniques such as calling the APIs from mobile devices, Office VBA programs, Windows Forms and web applications. Readers will build two fully functional applications to apply what they have learned - a Windows program and a web application

RRP: £24.99
Our Price: £16.49

Professional Assembly LanguageProfessional Assembly Language
Blum, Richard
ISBN: 0764579010

Covering assembly language in the Pentium microprocessor environment, this code-intensive guide shows programmers how to create stand-alone assembly language programs as well as how to incorporate assembly language libraries or routines into existing high-level applications. Demonstrates how to manipulate data, incorporate advanced functions and libraries, and maximize application performance.

RRP: £26.99
Our Price: £17.81

Professional C# 3rd EditionProfessional C#
Robinson, Simon; Nagel, Christian; Watson, Karli; Glynn, Jay; Skinner, Morgan; Evjen, Bill
ISBN: 0764557599

Discover how to: program in the object-oriented C# language, methods for manipulating XML using C#, integration with COM, COM+, and Active Directory, how to write Windows applications and Windows services, distributed applications with .NET Remoting, an understanding of .NET Assemblies, generate graphics with C#, and ways to control .NET security. For experienced developers who are already familiar with C++, Visual Basic, or J++. No prior knowledge of C# is required.

RRP: £33.99
Our Price: £22.43

Expert One on One J2EE Design & Development J2EE Design and Development
Johnson, Rod
ISBN: 0764543857

This book aims to demystify J2EE development. Using a practical focus, it shows how to use J2EE technologies to reduce, rather than increase, complexity. It will help you solve common problems with J2EE and avoid expensive mistakes. It will also guide you through the complexity of the J2EE services and APIs to enable you to build the simplest possible solution. Rod questions J2EE orthodoxy where it has failed to deliver results in practice and instead suggests effective, proven approaches.

RRP: £43.99
Our Price: £29.03

Professional IBM WebSphere 5.0 Application Server Book/CD PackageProfessional IBM WebSphere 5.0
Francis, Tim; Herness, Eric; High, Rob; Knutson, Jim; Rochat, Kim; Vignola, Chris
ISBN: 1861005814

For the experienced J2EE(TM) developer, this book details how to develop, deploy, and manage enterprise applications for version 5.0 of IBM WebSphere Application Server. A large-scale e-commerce application is developed that demonstrates the use of WebSphere Application Developer Studio for the creation of J2EE applications, as well as functionality of the application server, including web Services, application profiles, and enterprise workflows. It also addresses issues such as security, deployment topology, and server administration.

RRP: £57.99
Our Price: £38.27

Professional HibernateProfessional Hibernate
Pugh, Eric; Gradecki, Joseph D
ISBN: 0764576771

After a quick overview of Hibernate, the authors jump right to the code. Learn how to obtain and install Hibernate, build the Hibernate development environment, use Hibernate to connect to databases, create persistent classes and objects, use the Hibernate database query language and transaction management functions, and the Hibernate APIs. The authors then go further, showing readers how to use Hibernate with other popular tools including Eclipse, Tomcat, Maven, Struts, and XDoclet.

RRP: £26.99
Our Price: £17.81

Professional Portal Development with Open Source ToolsPortal Development with Apache Tools
Richardson, W Clay; Avondolio, Donald; Vitale, Joe; Len, Peter; Smith, Kevin T
ISBN: 0471469513

A complete tutorial and reference guide to Java Portlet API, Lucene, James, and Slide, taking you step-by-step through constructing and deploying portal applications. You trace the anatomy of a search engine and understand the Lucene query syntax, set up Apache James configuration for a variety of servers, explore object to relational mapping concepts with Jakarta OJB, and acquire many other skills necessary to create J2EE portals. This book offers you the know-how to free your development process from the restrictions of pre-packaged solutions.

RRP: £29.99
Our Price: £19.79

Professional Java Tools for Extreme ProgrammingProfessional Java Tools for Extreme Programming
Hightower, Richard; Onstine, Warner; Visan, Paul; Payne, Damon; Gradecki, Joseph D; Rhodes, Kate; Watkins, Robert; Meade, Erik
ISBN: 0764556177

Build and test enterprise systems quickly without sacrificing quality. Using an example pet store application, the book demonstrates how to harness Ant and XDoclet for automated building and continuous integration. It then explains how to automate the testing process using JUnit, Cactus, and other tools, and to enhance project management and continuous integration through Maven and AntHill. Finally, it shows you how to work with XP tools in the new Eclipse IDE, and implement Extreme Programming best practices.

RRP: £29.99
Our Price: £19.79

Beginning Cryptography with JavaBeginning Cryptography with Java
Hook, David
ISBN: 0764596330

While cryptography can still be a controversial topic, Java has weathered that storm and provides a rich set of APIs that allow you to include cryptography in applications - if you know how. Learn: how to understand and use JCE, JCA, and the JSSE for encryption and authentication, the ways in which padding mechanisms work in ciphers, an understanding of how authentication mechanisms are implemented in Java, methods for describing cryptographic objects with ASN.1, and how to create certificate revocation lists and use the Online Certificate Status Protocol.

RRP: £24.99
Our Price: £16.49

Professional C++Professional C++
Solter, Nicholas A; Kleper, Scott J
ISBN: 0764574841

Geared to experienced C++ developers who may not be familiar with the more advanced features, and therefore are not using it to its full capabilities. Teaches programmers how to think in C++ - that is, how to design effective solutions that maximize the power of the language. The authors drill down into this notoriously complex language, explaining poorly understood elements, as well as common pitfalls to avoid. Contains several in-depth case studies with working code that's been tested on Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms.

RRP: £26.99
Our Price: £17.81

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