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Cash'n'Carrion This week The Reg has another provoking list of books, this time with a focus on website programming, design, and maintenance. Want to create a site from scratch, or add new features to your existing one? The list includes topics from simple web production to more in-depth programming.

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Professional ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - SolutionASP.NET Website Programming
Bellinaso, Marco; Hoffman, Kevin
ISBN: 0764543776

Packed with solutions to website programming problems, this book will have you building well-engineered, extendable ASP.NET websites quickly and easily. And, practically, the site you build is modular. You can slot the modules into your own website, modify them, or use them as examples of particular ASP.NET techniques.

RRP: £43.99
Our Price: £29.03

Beginning Dynamic Websites with Web Matrix Starter Kit Book/CD Package Beginning Dynamic Websites
Sussman, Dave; Greenwood, James; Homer, Alex; Kwong, Colt; West, John
ISBN: 0764543741

Start at the beginning, learning how to create graphical web pages in Web Matrix. Then you'll use Visual Basic .NET and databases to add the dynamic features usually seen in expensive commercial websites. You'll finish by looking at some of the expert ASP.NET features — writing our own controls and web services.Warning! Microsoft has informed us that the version of MSDE distributed with this book is susceptible to the slammer worm. Microsoft is providing a patch for this version of MSDE at the following URL:

RRP: £28.99
Our Price: £19.13

Professional DotNetNuke ASP.NET PortalsDotNetNuke ASP.NET Portals
Walker, Shaun; Santry, Patrick J; Brinkman, Joe; Caron, Daniel; McCulloch, Scott; Willhite, Scott; Hopkins, Bruce
ISBN: 0764595636

Written by the creator and programmers of the DotNetNuke project, the book discusses operating a DotNetNuke portal. See how DotNetNuke gives you a flexible architecture for rapidly developing web applications and find ways to extend the portal framework by developing modules that plug into DotNetNuke. Step-by-step instructions to administer DotNetNuke in various real-world scenarios.

RRP: £24.99
Our Price: £16.49

Professional Web Parts & Custom Controls with ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts and Custom Controls
Vogel, Peter
ISBN: 076457860X

Web Parts are reusable components that extract data from existing Microsoft or non-Microsoft applications for use in ASP.NET Web pages, and can be used to build user controls. Presents developers with an understanding of how Web Parts work, how they can be developed, and examines how to secure and integrate Web Parts into other Windows systems (SQL Server, Office, ASP.NET, Content Manager).

RRP: £25.99
Our Price: £17.15

Dreamweaver MX: PHP Web DevelopmentDreamweaver MX
Downes-Powell, Gareth; Green, Tim; Mairlot, Bruno
ISBN: 0764543873

This book is all about developing PHP/MySQL websites with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. It will show you how to use Dreamweaver MX to rapidly develop database-driven PHP web applications with the minimum of fuss. Some knowledge of HTML and web design is assumed, but you don't need to know any PHP or MySQL.

RRP: £28.99
Our Price: £19.13

Beginning Web Programming with HTML, XHTML, & CSSWeb programming with HTML, XHTML and CSS
Duckett, Jon
ISBN: 0764570781

The book teaches basic principles of usability and accessibility to get users into the mode of developing web pages that will be available to as many viewers as possible from the start. The book also covers the most commonly used programming/scripting language — JavaScript — and provides readers with a roadmap of other web technologies to learn after mastering this book to add more functionality to their sites.

RRP: £26.99
Our Price: £17.81

Web Standards Programmer's Reference: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python & PHPHTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl and PHP
Schafer, Steven M
ISBN: 0764588206

This invaluable resource offers tutorials and real-world examples as well as thorough language references for web markup languages (HTML/XHTML and CSS), and popular scripting languages (JavaScript, Perl, and PHP). Examines the role of JavaScript, CGI (with examples in Perl and Python), and PHP on the Web and shows how to best use them all. Includes a valuable reference section on each technology that can be used for review.

RRP: £24.99
Our Price: £16.49

Wrox's ASP.NET 2.0 Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit Book/CD PackageWrox's Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition
Sussman, David; Homer, Alex
ISBN: 0764588079

Explains how to build good basic websites, including design and architecture, for users who plan to build more complex sites in the future. Details the key site features beginners like to implement, including catalogs, shopping carts, images, and secure site sections. The authors use very little code, but where coding is needed, they feature the simple Visual Basic language. The CD-ROM includes Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition.

RRP: £19.99
Our Price: £13.19

Professional LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP Web DevelopmentProfessional LAMP
Gerner, Jason; Naramore, Elizabeth; Owens, Morgan; Warden, Matt
ISBN: 076459723X

Helps LAMP professionals take their skills to the next level with in-depth discussions of OOP; extensions of PHP such as PEAR, GD, XML, and CURL; improving site security; and advanced tools available to the coder Those proficient in other languages such as Java, C++, Perl and ASP will find this guide invaluable when transitioning to the LAMP environment.

RRP: £25.99
Our Price: £17.15

Beginning RSS & Atom ProgrammingRSS and Atom Programming
Ayers, Danny; Watt, Andrew
ISBN: 0764579169

This book offers you insight to understanding the issues facing the user community so you can meet users' needs by writing software and Web sites using RSS and Atom feeds. Beginning with an introduction to all the current and coming versions of RSS and Atom, you'll go step by step through the process of producing, aggregating, and storing information feeds.

RRP: £24.99
Our Price: £16.49

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