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Cash'n'Carrion Cash'n'Carrion, The Register's venerable online store, has had a makeover. As well as titivating the design, we have expanded our massive retail empire with a brand new bookshop.

To celebrate its birth, assembled some of the books that our hacks and techies have come to rely upon and love over the course of their many varied experiences in life (!).

These books have completed software projects, networked entire companies, improved excel accounts sheets and, dare we say it, even provided some light relief when the BOFH has dared to darken our doors. With this in mind we thought we'd share these books with you with a few extra quid off so that you can while away the hours doing as we do. Enjoy!!!

Project Management JumpStartProject Management JumpStart
Harbor Light Press
Heldman, Kim

I really enjoyed having this book land on my desk. It certainly has all the necessary information required for any new project manager. All the essential areas are covered, from defining the project goals, planning, managing resources, cost and time, to controlling communication and managing your project team. The book will give you a good grounding, providing all the basic rules and methods you can apply to run a project successfully.

I particularly liked the Notes and Tips found throughout each chapter. These are good advice snippets of what appears to be common sense but when actually stated, you think "Oh yes, of course that's a good idea/makes sense". As a slightly seasoned Project Manager, I've been meaning to buy a book to keep on my desk for reference, for those times when I just need a little inspiration or indeed just a reminder of how far I've come! This book will do just the job for now.


Our price: £12.59. You save £5.40 (30%)

How to Cheat at Managing Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003How to Cheat at Managing Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003
Syngress Media
Snedaker, Susan

Snedaker achieves what a lot of other books are unable to – a simplification of the complexities of Microsoft technology. It covers all the fundamental sections of Small Business Server: installation, security, configuration and connections, without trying to cover every eventuality (specific problems can generally be solved through a Google search on the Internet or Microsoft's very good Tech Net site).

Aside from boosting the egos of us "non-MCSE" computer technicians, by calling us "unsung heroes", she has provided us with some great information to allow us to get the job done. Thanks Susan!


Our Price: £19.59 You save £8.40 (30%)

Microsoft Excel data analysis and Business Modeling
Microsoft Press
Wayne L. Winston

Microsoft Excel data analysis and Business Modeling has the potential to be an interesting and informative book – but does it deliver? Well the answer from this reviewer is an unreserved yes! As long as the reader has some degree of competency in Excel they will be led through the myriad of different formulas and statistical analysis techniques available. These are introduced in a user-friendly way, and are built on subsequently so that powerful analysis is possible using Excel.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this book to any intermediate – advanced Excel user.


Our price: £17.35 You save £10.64 (38%)

VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel Que
Jelen, Bill; Syrstad, Tracy

This is co-authored by Bill Jelen, also known as Mr Excel who is well-known as a leading author on Excel, and is also behind the website

The aim of this book is to help the reader create macros for Excel – to make it more efficient, but also so that they are created in a way that future users of the code are able to modify it, and debug it easily.

The book starts off with simple techniques, which soon build up to more interesting topics, such as automating pivot tables and getting information from web sites.

Overall I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn to program macros in Excel.


Our price: £20.29 You save £8.70 (30%)

Expert Oracle Database Architecture: 9i & 10g Programming Techniques & Solutions
Thomas Kyte

Tom Kyte is well known in the Oracle field and has had a number of books published, including Expert one-on-one Oracle which is considered by many as the leading book on the subject.

This book is the first volume of the second edition (with Expert Oracle programming currently due in June 2006), and the CD contains a PDF of Expert One-on-One Oracle (8i edition). The book focuses solely on 9i and 10g architecture.

The book is well written in a user-friendly way, using simple examples to illustrate different areas. All are covered in depth and given the treatment they deserve.

By the end of this book you will know pretty much everything you will need to know about Oracle Database architecture, and after that it will still be a handy reference to dip into when issues arise.

Thoroughly recommended – and get the Expert Oracle Programming book when that comes out too!!


Our price: £21.07 You save £12.92 (38%)

The Best Software Writing I
Joel Spolsky

Software is one of those areas that can just swamp you with "officialdom". Everybody knows that software has to be written correctly, has to be well structured and has to be (relatively!!) efficient if your boss or the end user is going to take either you or it seriously – but does that mean it has to be boring??

Not according to Joel Spolsky, a leading light, and expert, in the world of software development. As he says, most of the books written on software development are tedious – they're functional, they tell you what you need to know, but they take more effort to read than that Charles Dickens novel did when you were 13, still in school, and more interested in playing Pong on your Atari!

This book is a collection of what he considers to be the best essays and snippets covering all areas of software and software writing. Fully edited and with a contributory author list that reads as a "who's who" in the world of development, this book will not only help you to see how better to write up your projects, but will provide hours of recreational reading and enjoyment.


Our price: £11.15 You save £6.84 (38%)

Code Complete 2nd Edition Microsoft Press
Steve McConnell

Steve McConnell is renowned for writing excellent books on constructing software, either as a software author or as a project manager.

If you are going to read one book on how to write code in a commercial environment then this is it. It works through the process completely, with real emphasis on getting the decisions right at the beginning so as to avoid costly mistakes later in the process. The author discusses best practise on writing your code so that poor unfortunates can debug (heaven forbid!) and maybe even improve upon your work at a later date.

Finally, the book covers real world tuning and testing strategies and has a section on great programming tools. You really should read this book, even if you've been programming for a number of years.


Our price: £21.07 You save £12.92 (38%)

The TCP/IP Guide
No Starch Press
Charles M. Kozierok

Every once in a while a book comes along that's destined to gather dust on your shelf. Not I might hasten to add, because you won't read it, but because you'll keep it to hand for years and years! (the publisher must have had this in mind when they made it hardback). This is one of those books that every computer department or networking professional should have.

Charles has a superb down to earth style that makes this complex subject understandable for even the most inexperienced networker. It is as comprehensive as you would imagine a 1,542-page book to be, covering the OSI model, and just about every protocol you can think of including IPV4, IPV6, IP Sec, IP NAT, Mobile IP, DNS, SNMP (the list goes on and on). If you work with TCP /IP to any degree then do yourself a favour and buy this book.


Our price: £34.09 You save £20.90 (38%)

Digital Retro
Gordon Laing

If you grew up with computers in the 80s, then this is a trip down memory lane. If you are less than thirty then I suspect this book may not hold much attraction for you.

Every key computer and games machine of the time (all 44 of them) is there including: the Atari VCS, MITS Altair 8800, Commodore Pet 2001, ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum, BBC Micro Commodore 64, Dragon 32, Apple MAC and the IBM 5150 PC. Pictures combined with descriptions of each of the machines and their place in computing history mean this is a book you can lose an hour or two in.

Superb for rekindling those arguments of old!</p?


Read The Reg review of this book.

Our price: £13.97 You save £5.98 (30%)

UML Distilled 3e
Addison Wesley
Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler has in this short 170-page book extracted the key parts of UML that you need to get the job done. The title is no misnomer; you get the 20% of UML you need to get 80% of the work done.

His style is pragmatic and approachable and he has worked the UML 2.0 updates into the text rather than "tacking them on." If you develop software using object oriented techniques, or, are just looking to understand the best way to manage the modelling process then reading this short book is a worthwhile investment of your time.


Our price: £18.89 You save £8.10 (30%)

The Best of Verity Stob
Stob, Verity

Stob's first column appeared in EXE magazine in 1988. I have to say I'm not particularly a great reader of her columns (EXE, Dr Dobbs and The Register), but within two minutes of flicking through the book I found myself chuckling out loud in the corner of the room. I had to reassure my colleagues I was indeed working when this started to happen with some regularity!

This then is a collection of her funniest bits. Enjoy!


Read The Reg review of this book here.

Our price: £11.15 You save £6.84 (38%)

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Gamma, Erich; Helm, Richard; Johnson, Ralph; Vlissides, John M.

It's not often that a best selling book in its field has lasted over a decade – unrevised!

This is not a book for the newbie OO programmer, the authors make that quite clear at the start, if you don't know what "polymorphism" is then buy a book that'll teach you OOP first.

The subject is divided into two parts. The first of these talks through what design patterns are and how they can help you design and architecture your solutions. It does this through the lens of a case study.

In fairness this part can be somewhat heavy going and does require some graft on the readers part to get through it. It's in the second part that this book really comes into its own. The authors talk through design patterns, object models and the how's and why's of there use. If you are a true OO Programmer, then you'll find yourself delving into this part time and time again.

This book will truly improve your OOP techniques and abilities and I suspect this is why a decade on, Design Patterns is still going strong.


Our price: £29.39 You save £12.60 (30%)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Administrator's Pocket Consultant
Microsoft Press
William R. Stanek

Portable and precise, this reference book is a worthy companion for administrators of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Prize-winning author William Stanek guides the user through the core support procedures and everyday tasks using quick-reference tables, step-by-step instructions, and lists.

Hosting a multitude of topics this book covers every issue and will prove an invaluable asset for the Exchange Administrator.


Our price: £14.25 You save £8.74 (38%)

Microsoft SharePoint – Building Office 2003 Solutions
Hillier, Scot P.

This book offers a thorough introduction to Microsoft Sharepoint and gives details as to how it can be successfully utilised in your organisation. The chapters are laid out textbook style with exercises to confirm your understanding at the end of each chapter. Scot Hillier produces this informative book and I would highly recommend buying it.


Our price: £29.51 You save £11.48 (28%)

World Of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide
Lummis, Michael; Vanderlip, Danielle

WOW Strategy guide is the official companion to the online game from Blizzard entertainment. World of Warcraft, the MMORPG (massive multi-player online role-playing game), has over 2 million registered players world-wide and this detailed strategy guide is essential to your success as a player.

The initial chapters are aimed at the beginner with a brief introduction to MMORPG's & a glossary of terms before moving on to providing an insight into the world itself. From chapter 3 onwards WOW players of any level will find essential information on making your online gaming a success as the guide includes class explanations, long term strategies, maps, quest locations and character information. If you're playing the game, you'll need this guide.


Our price: £11.89 You save £5.10 (30%)

Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall Handbook
Cisco Press
Hucaby, D

This is the complete guide to setting up a Cisco Systems firewall and is the first guide to cover the revolutionary Cisco ASA & PIX version 7. From the initial chapter 'Firewall Overview' it's clear that the author is giving a thorough guide to setting up a firewall the way Cisco Systems expects them to be.

The Author, David Hucaby, is a lead network engineer for a large medical environment where he designs, implements and maintains networks using Cisco products. As far as setting up a firewall is concerned, there is no better man to guide you through. The book ensures all users make the most out of the software's ability as it guides the reader through configuration, management, access control, connectivity and much more from beginning to end. The essential companion for any networking professional.


Our price: £30.09 You save £12.90 (30%)

CCNA Certification Library (CCNA Self-Study, Exam #640-801)
Cisco Press
Odom, Wendell

The CCNA Certification Library is the official self study preparation package for Cisco CCNA 640-801, ICND 640-811 and INTRO 640-821 exams. Laid out in a concise indexed format, these study guides allow the reader to completely master all the topics in preparation for the CCNA exam.

Senior instructor & author Wendell Odom's approach covers all the topics on the CCNA exam as well as providing preparation hints and test taking tips. The "Do I Know this Already?" quiz preceding each chapter allows the reader to decide how much time they need to spend on each area. For the students of the CCNA exam, this is a must-have.


Our price: £56.40 You save £14.10 (20%)

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit
Microsoft Press
Microsoft MVPs and Partners with the Microsoft Windows Server Team

This set of books is quite simply the definitive resource on all things related to Microsoft Server 2003. The time saved when applying the tips and techniques provided by the experts will ensure this set of books is worth every penny. The CD that accompanies the book is a much-welcomed asset and offers added material as well as all the titles in e-book format.


Our price: £122.39 You save £47.60 (28%)


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