Kick the Dog: a Reg flame special

The Rotting Dog gets roasted

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Letters Poor old Rotting Dog: seems the lad has got his Koreas a bit mixed up - a fact not lost on our well-educated readership who can tell their Pyongyangs from their elbows.

So, young man, here are a few choice cuts to set you on the road to cartographical redemption, arranged for readers' reading pleasure in ascending order of ire:


Apparently you did not read the subject news article very closely. It is South Korea that has filed the antitrust action against Microsoft, not North Korea. South Korea has one of the highest percentages of Internet users per capita in the world (as opposed to "...four people in the entire country have internet access - all of them state officials").

John Garrott

Oh Dear, back to school for some, the story said South Korea so why does one frenzied writer insist on going on about North Korea and Microsoft. Would GPS help?

Roger Talbot

Uh, dude:

North Korea, South Korea, Way different countries.

SOUTH Korea is the country that fined Microsoft, not communist North Korea. Sorry to say you goofed. Pull the article ASAP

Andrew in Saint Paul

Since when is Korea reunited and under control of the beloved leader Kim Jong-il ? How about a nice job flipping burgers for you, this internet stuff is way out of your league.

Ronny Mo

I don't know wether your an idiot or just plain dumb. Maybe you just don't get it. Or is it that you're lack basic understanding and knowledge.

Is the blog just a joke or do you not know the difference between South Korea and North Korea?

It just doesn't fit in my mind that you don't understand this, so I'll file your blog under redundant shit.

Pasi Jokinen

You are the most ignorant idiot I've ever seen call themselves a journalist. Let's set a few things straight. South Korea is a DEMOCRACY. See here: http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ks.html. "South Korea today is a fully functioning modern democracy." If this is what is written about our allies, it's no wonder the US and UK have a hard time making new friends!

Chris Swope

Who the fuck is this guy? Do you often let this guy spout off about shit that has no basis in fact? In his most recent blog, he goes on about Korea sueing Microsoft, oblivious to the fact that it was South Korea and he's obviously writing about NORTH Korea.

South Korea, (the country that sued Microsoft) has the highest percentage of broadband users in the WORLD. Everybody and their grandmother is online.

The online gaming market in Korea is the most lucrative market in the world. There are more smoke-filled PC rooms filled 24 hours a day then there are Starbucks coffee shops in Seattle. There is literally one on every corner. Out of 50 million people living in a 3 party democracy, more then 20 million of them own computers, and the rest spend all their time in PC rooms playing Starcraft or World of Warcraft. If you play any of those games, chances are you're playing against a Korean.

The average South Korean makes an average of $15,000 US per year. Have you ever bought something by Samsung, LG, or Hyundai? How about an Ipod? All of those products or their parts and more were made in Korean by Koreans. Get your facts straight or don't say anything at all. There are TWO Koreas, North and South. The South sued Microsoft because, unlike the north, they have taken the lead in technology worldwide, and probably made have the technology you use to day, if not the software, most definitely the hardware (own any DDRAM? Who made it? Samsung or Hynix? Both are Korean). You are an ignorant fool.

South Korea did the same thing as the European Union and like they EU, they won. It's a full-on technological, economic powerhouse and confusing it with North Korea, although similar in name is just idiotic.


You're an idiot. It's not communist North Korea that is imposing this fine. It's DEMOCRATIC South Korea that is fining MS. And if you knew anything, MS was found guilty of the same offences in the US, and the EU. Go learn politics and geography you moron.


Are you so fucking stupid that you can't tell the difference between North and South Korea. With your level of (lack of) intelligence, it's no wonder we get our asses handed to us by third world countries.


You're a fucking idiot, you've got the wrong fucking country dumbfuck.

South Korea is the country which imposed the fines, a democratic republic (democracy ie not communist, I thought I'd spell that out clearly since you're a fucking ignorant moron) with 4 major parties, more than 2 parties like your supposed democracy where you get to pick from 2 parties which are made up of the same public school boys.

South Korea also is the country with the highest broadband penetration in the world, and the most bloggers. South Koreas broadband is also among the fastest in the world.

South Korea is the 10th largest economy in the world, no-one in South Korea lives on a dollar a day .



Good Lord. For the record, we do have a couple of emails saying nice things about The Rotting Dog, presumably from readers who have read our entertaining "how to write a flame" guide. Here's a snippet from the same:

Pick a story to rant about but for God's sake don't read anymore than the first paragraph. And don't read this very carefully either. There are jokes and smatterings of sarcasm and irony in Register stories but these aren't for you. Everything you (don't) read is the literal truth as we see it. Once you haven't grasped the story you can start to twist the words into whatever makes you most angry.

Enough said. And, for the record, we are not this week accepting the "yes, I see now it was meant to be funny but I still say it sucks" defence. Thankyou. ®

High performance access to file storage

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