Intel taps intelligent toilet expert as new CTO

Some other less flushy promotions too

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Intel may well be looking to put a difficult two years behind it with an executive reshuffle that includes the appointment of a new CTO.

Intel today unveiled four new SVPs - Anand Chandrasekher, Eric Kim, David Perlmutter and Bruce Sewell. The promotions reflect a marketing heavy focus with Chandrasekher and Kim both serving in the sales and marketing group. Kim has been upgraded to take on the additional role of Chief Marketing Officer, Intel said. Perlmutter heads the successful Mobility Group, while Sewell works as general counsel.

Perhaps more interestingly, Justin Rattner, an Intel senior fellow, has been tapped as the new CTO.

Current SVP Pat Gelsinger was Intel's first CTO. Intel's most recent spate of roadmap tweaks and processor delays started at the end of his CTO tenure. Gelsinger, however, seems to have escaped charges of bad decision making.

Rattner will need to help guide Intel's server processor business back on course. Intel has fallen behind rival AMD on x86 chip performance and still struggles with its Itanium demons.

Intel may well have picked the right man for this difficult task. Rattner is well versed in multicore processor technology, having earlier this year proposed a 100-core chip that could power an intelligent, stool-sampling toilet.

Obviously aware of Rattner's ambitions, Intel CEO Paul Otellini had this to say about today's promotions,

"As Intel continues to deliver technology platforms with increasing value and usefulness to consumers and business users, these key individuals are increasingly responsible for the execution of this strategy. With these new elections and promotions, we are recognizing that they play extremely important roles helping take Intel to its next level of success." ®

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