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Very firefoxy

Letters Mobile users in Denmark and Sweden were apparently very upset this week when they had to pay roaming charges to, er, roam in a region called Øresund:

Living in Denmark, I must admit that I occasionally see Swedes in Copenhagen, though they, because of Denmark's liberal alcohol laws, are usually either drunk or halfway there.

I therefore strongly suspect that your source for the article on us Danes fuming over the "mobile bridge toll" is the handful of reality-challenged economists who have been trying to ram the idea of an "Oresunds-region" down our throats for the past 15 years.

What were those figures again? 7000 commuting across the strait out of a population of 3,6 million? How cruel indeed it is to force these poor 0,002% of the population to pay roaming fees when they travel between two separate countries.

Yes indeed, the outrage in Denmark over this issue, is a gunshot or two short of a revolution.


Victor Szulc

Hutchinson owned operator 3 lets Swedish users call and receive calls in Denmark (if they are using the Danish 3 network of course) at the same price as if they were still at home in Sweden.

That also means that calling Danish numbers still qualify as a international call, but calls back to Sweden is a lot cheaper this way. The same applies for Danish subscribers.


Regarding the Øresund cell toll "creating yet again a great divide in an area that is destined to become one" - the great irony is that historical Skåne was a Danish province. It was occupied by Sweden in 1658, absorbed in 1720, and "Swedified" over the years since. The effort to separate what was once a unified region continues, it seems.


I'm not sure what the Swedes and Danes would have to say about your last sentence. It's kind of like saying the French and English are going to be united. Plausible, perhaps even desirable, but is it going to happen?

Is it hell.

It's entirely possible that these same companies are taking part in the centuries-old cold, bitterly cold, war between the Danes and the Swedes, but merely taking it to the economic sphere instead.

Or perhaps the Danes are just sick of Swedes turning up and drinking all their beer.

Or the Swedes could be annoyed at the Danes coming in to the their country and acting like, well, Vikings. Only a bit more polite.


Some unusually calm and insult-free responses to news that Firefox appears to be losing momentum. I know, we were shocked too...

A lot of firefox users use the User-Agent-Switcher Firefox add-in to set the User-Agent HTTP request header to that of another browser (usually IE). This is because some brain dead web authors seem to think there is only one browser and some sites will not function correctly without "imitating" IE. Did this firm simply look in web logs and grep User-Agent headers from the web site requests? I hope not!!


I hate IE, I love firefox, but i am getting really sick of it crashing whenever a page uses java.

I am personally responsible for converting many people over to firefox only to have backfiring on me now.

Firefox is flakey, it crashes on Linux all the time (try going to print preview). Firefox could be great, but it is not living up to its potential. With all the experience of the Mozilla foundation behind it, it should be going from strength to strength.......

I'm sorry Opera, I'll come back to you just as soon as you enable socks proxies in the latest version (cos lots of us have no choice but to use socks).

bitter and twisted about browsers,


Some lovely research this week. Most people, who don't live online, have not the faintest clue what we all spend our lives wittering on about. example: most think that blogging is the same as dogging. And as for podcasting...forget it...

My wife is probably more functional that me, yet just last week she asked, as I was sat reading something on Ars Technica, "So, what's this blodding all about then ?"

I introduced her to blogging and also to wikipedia, which she was rather sceptical until it told her most of what she'd spent ages trying to find using Google about the West Nile Virus.

She's not quite there though. I think it'll still be blodding, wackypedia and goggle. She has issues with technology.


I think it's safe to say that blogging, dogging, happy slapping and podcasts are basically for the socially challenged, aka CRACKHEADS.



Next up, a vote that frankly casts doubt on our nation's suitability to live in a democracy. Let's have a vote and see what everyone's favourite song is, they said... The result? We are the Champions. Oh well.

How I envy the man that is driving a subaquatic Lotus Esprit whilst watching a monty python film with the sound turned down on the retro-fitted DVD player and simultaneously singing along to "We are the champions" playing on his iPod Nano (one of the 99 and 9/10th percent that are apparently scratch resistant after all).


Come on, I refuse to believe that Michael Jackson is in 7 of the top 10 UK songs????

I can only assume that the Sony Ericsson mini-site was knocked together by Bubbles and had no cookie checks for multiple visits, and as such was hijacked by someone in a secure institution somewhere.

Dear oh dear, 7 out of 10, tsk.

By the way is it true that Michael Jackson's making a comeback single after his recent brush with the law? I understand he'll be covering "I'm forever blowing Bubbles"., what do you reckon?

Will it make no.1 on the Sony Ericsson chart for next year?


Off to the Old Jokes Home with you, Lloyd...

It's a great song. It speaks to everyone's desire to be a winner. This song will be around when the Federation goes to the Delta quadrant for real. Of course there's not much to it in the way of clever music or lyrics, but it goes straight to the heart. That is its great power.

A shame that the Brits think Wacko Jacko is worthy of number one and two. Bohemian Rhapsody is the last rock song that human ears will ever hear. It is quite simply a divine piece of music. It's what an artist creates versus the shake 'n bake pop songs of the present era. Queen are one the defining bands in the genre.


WTF, No floyd, no Jam, No zeppelin, No Stones, (yes OK I like all that stuff) where did they go for their UK data the MJ appreciation site? Looks like it might be time for another informative and down right scientific register poll


Crack a PSP today. No? Ah go on. Go on. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on:

I can vouch that it works - I've happily been playing Dungeon Master on an Atari St emulator since yesterday. I don't think Sony will be too keen to patch the exploit quickly though, I know of a goodly number of people who are now going to buy a PSP purely due to the firmware being cracked. I wouldn't be surprised to see a slight surge in sales in the next few weeks.


What's this 'cracker' thing you're talking about? Is it some kind of a malicious spotty 15-year old biscuit with a social problem that finds entertainment in trying to access other peoples' machines without permission, and tastes good with cheese? I'm sure I've heard this term before but... memory fails me... it was a long time ago.

And there was me thinking we (reg, Auntie Beeb, the boss) all called them hackers these days.

Keep up the good work.


Um, having read the page I don't think "bunfight" is what you actually meant. I think "handbags" more adequately covers it.


Next up, someone seems to be having a thinly-veiled whinge...

Register Reader Cares About New Graphics Chips

Mr. Geeky McGeek of London EC2 admitted yesterday that he found the Register's increasingly frantic reporting of developments in the world of graphic processors "interesting" and the amount of coverage (an average of four-five articles per day) "about right".

Mr McGeek, who has high-quality printouts of electronic components and their blueprints hidden under his mattress, conceded that some others might find the current generation of chips adequate for almost all needs, and nVidia and ATI's jockeying for position about as enthralling as a General Election, reckoned he wasn't yet sated with information about the latest clock speeds and memory sizes or what configuration of numbers and letters the devices would eventually carry.


Whatever can you be getting at, Chris?

Dead reindeer? Surely not. And at the hands of the armed forces? But Santa is bound to retaliate and we'll get nothing but coal for Christmas. We can't have this...

A fine and timely story which ties in with changes to the UK military low flying system. From this Monday, 3 Oct, helicopters have additional restrictions and procedures to adhere to in addition to the ones already in place.

This is due to the death of a horse rider 2 years ago whose horse was spooked by a low flying helo and in response to the Coroners recommendations made at the inquest.

All well and good, and involving greater accountability for military flying in the UK.

One snag; it does not apply to jet aircraft!


Something about Football and hookers. Seems a perfectly natural combination to us:

"He arrives, he pays, he scores!", seems to be missing something,

"He arrives, he pays, he scores, he shoots !", surely ?


So that's £50 for hotel accommodation across the road from the main world cup stadium for three months, full board, free use of gym; if by any chance you do happen to fancy any men you meet in that time, you're fairly sure of a shag and you get your money back. Bargain.


Worried by all the stories about melting ice in the arctic? No need, no need:

Global warming is just a theory: this is Intelligent Defrosting!



Finally, fibbing and the brain. Some US researchers with big MRI scanners discovered that liars have more white matter (as opposed to grey) in the brains than honest people. Weird, or what?

Does this mean we finally have a reliable method for identifying salesmen at birth?


Boffin: "Are you a pathological liar ?"

Pathological liar: "Certainly not !"


And we'll leave that one there, before people start invoking Jeffrey Archer. Well, actually they already did. You know who you are. ®

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