Secure Coding in C and C++

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Secure Coding in C and C++Site offer Commonly-exploited software vulnerabilities are usually caused by avoidable software defects. Having analyzed nearly 18,000 vulnerability reports over the past ten years, the CERT/Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has determined that a relatively small number of root causes account for most of them.

Secure Coding in C and C++ provides practical advice on safe practices in C and C++ programming. Producing secure programs requires secure designs. However, even the best designs can lead to insecure programs if developers are unaware of the many security pitfalls inherent in C and C++ programming. This book provides a detailed explanation of common programming errors in C and C++ and describes how these errors can lead to code that is vulnerable to exploitation. In particular, this book concentrates on security issues intrinsic to the C and C++ programming languages and associated libraries. The intent is that this book be useful to anyone involved in developing secure C and C++ programs regardless of the specific application.

Secure Coding in C and C++ presents hundreds of examples of secure code, insecure code, and exploits, implemented for Windows and Linux. If you're responsible for creating secure C or C++ software - or for keeping it safe - no other book offers you this much detailed, expert assistance.

  • Secure Coding in C and C++
    RRP £28.99 - Reg price - £20.29 - Saving £8.70 (30%)
    A code companion developers will turn to again and again as they seek to protect their systems from attackers.
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    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    The Complete and Comprehensive Developer's Guide to C# 2.0 and .NET 2.0.
  • Linux Firewalls
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    Third edition of critically acclaimed title that helps users design and implement firewalls using current Linux kernel.
  • HP Virtual Server Environment, The
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    Use HP virtualization to maximize IT service quality, agility, and value.
  • Spring Into Digital Photography
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    The Fastest Route to Mastering Digital Photography.
  • Photoshop CS2 Killer Tips
    RRP £21.99 - Reg price - £15.39 - Saving £6.60 (30%)
    The hottest collection of cool tips and hidden secrets, updated for Adobe Photoshop CS2.
  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Windows XP
    RRP £13.99 - Reg price - £9.79 - Saving £4.20 (30%)
    Learn to live in a digital world where you can share pictures over the Internet, download music from websites, communicate with long-distance family and friends on the computer, and more.
  • Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
    RRP £9.99 - Reg price - £6.99 - Saving £3.00 (30%)
    Colorful, compact guide provides everything users need to make their Tiger upgrade smooth, easy, and painless.
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  • Play Winning Poker In No Time
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    Learn to play poker In No Tim - the fast, simple and easy way to master the basics, win the game and take home the cash.

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