The Java Programming Language

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The Java™ Programming LanguageSite offer Direct from the creators of the Java™ programming language, the completely revised fourth edition of The Java™ Programming Language is an indispensable resource for novice and advanced programmers alike.

Developers around the world have used previous editions to quickly gain a deep understanding of the Java programming language, its design goals, and how to use it most effectively in real-world development. Now, Ken Arnold, James Gosling, and David Holmes have updated this classic to reflect the major enhancements in Java™ 2 Standard Edition 5.0 (J2SE™ 5.0).

The authors systematically cover most classes in Java’s main packages, java.lang.*, java.util, and java.io, presenting in-depth explanations of why these classes work as they do, with informative examples. Several new chapters and major sections have been added, and every chapter has been updated to reflect today’s best practices for building robust, efficient, and maintainable Java software.

The Java™ Programming Language is the definitive tutorial introduction to the Java language and essential libraries and an indispensable reference for all programmers. Save 30% on this and thousands of other great titles at The Register Bookshop.

  • Java™ Programming Language, The
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    The story of Java - direct from the creators and Godfather of Java, James Gosling!
  • Sams Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours
    RRP £21.99 - Reg price - £15.39 - Saving £6.60 (30%)
    Experience Unix through hands-on tutorials divided in 24 individual lessons so you can learn at your own pace and schedule.
  • Novell Linux Desktop 9 Administrator's Handbook
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    Gain an insider's insight from the only Novell authorized administrator's handbook for the new Novell Linux Desktop.
  • 1337 h4x0r h4ndb00k
    RRP £10.99 - Reg price - £7.69 - Saving £3.30 (30%)
    The ultimate guide to the mysterious, underbelly of the internet-and how to survive it! Learn how to dress, talk, type, and prank like a true Elite Hacker!
  • Hibernate Quickly
    RRP £31.99 - Reg price - £22.39 - Saving £9.60 (30%)
    A concise and deliberate introduction to Hibernate.
  • RFID
    RRP £39.99 - Reg price - £27.99 - Saving £12.00 (30%)
    Discusses the hottest growth in wireless today: RFID, and its controversial technology, business, and policy issues.
  • Software Configuration Management Strategies and IBM® Rational® ClearCase®
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    A "soup to nuts" guide full of practical advice for practitioners looking to manage project change with the most popular SCM tool in the market: IBM/Rational's ClearCase.
  • How to Wow with InDesign CS2
    RRP £28.99 - Reg price - £20.29 - Saving £8.70 (30%)
    Teaches the way designers think--visually, emphasizing the design concepts that drive the software rather than the technology behind it.
  • Finance in a Nutshell
    RRP £29.99 - Reg price - £20.99 - Saving £9.00 (30%)
    No other book is a comprehensive toolkit of financial issues, instructive, and so easy to read, all at the same time.
  • Sumantra Ghoshal on Management
    RRP £25.00 - Reg price - £17.50 - Saving £7.50 (30%)
    Sumantra Ghoshal on Management represents Ghoshal’s twenty-year intellectual odyssey to challenge the underpinnings of management thought; to expose, rework and replace the foundation stones of management thinking.

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