Software Testing: a practical insight

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Software TestingSite offer Software testing is one of the invisible jobs in the software industry. Everyone has heard of computer programmers but few people realise there are nearly as many people behind the scenes testing the software the programmers have created.

Software Testing provides practical insight into the world of software testing and quality assurance. Learn how to find problems in any computer program, how to plan an effective test approach and how to tell when software is ready for release. This edition includes a chapter that specifically deals with testing software for security bugs, the processes and techniques used throughout the book are timeless. This book is an excellent investment if you want to better understand what your Software Test team does or you want to write better software. Get 30% off Software Testing and many more top titles at The Register Bookshop.

  • Software Testing
    RRP £28.99 - Reg price - £20.29 - Saving £8.70 (30%)
    Learn how to find problems in any computer program, how to plan an effective test approach, and how to tell when the software is ready for release.
  • Sams Teach Yourself 2, Firefox and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
    RRP £24.99 - Reg price - £17.49 - Saving £7.50 (30%)
    If you are looking to make the migration to the, Firefox and Thunderbird open source applications this title will help you throughout your entire transition.
  • Pivot Table Data Crunching
    RRP £21.99 - Reg price - £15.39 - Saving £6.60 (30%)
    Provides practical scenarios that demonstrate the benefits of Pivot Tables and also explain how to avoid common pitfalls of every day data crunching.
  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics
    RRP £13.99 - Reg price - £9.79 - Saving £4.20 (30%)
    New edition of a best-seller that shows new computer users how to get the most out of their PCs and the Internet.
  • Bulletproof Web Design
    RRP £28.99 - Reg price - £20.29 - Saving £8.70 (30%)
    Fun, visual primer shows designers how to use standards-based approach to create flexible, elegant Web sites!
  • Building a Digital Home Entertainment Network
    RRP £17.99 - Reg price - £12.59 - Saving £5.40 (30%)
    Shows readers how to take an Internet connection, digital audio and video, and a PC and integrate them into a home entertainment powerhouse!
  • Windows XP for Home Users, Service Pack 2 Edition
    RRP £17.99 - Reg price - £12.59 - Saving £5.40 (30%)
    Easy, accessible guide reveals all the secrets of the world’s most popular operating system--Windows XP!
  • Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    The most comprehensive guide to unlocking the full power of Mac OS X, written by Unix/BSD experts and Mac users.
  • Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    The authoritative guide to developing cross-platform C++ GUI applications using the hot wxWidgets toolkit -- from its creator.
  • CCNP Self-Study
    RRP £46.99 - Reg price - £32.89 - Saving £14.10 (30%)
    Learn CCNP BCMSN network switching concepts with the only early stage book based on the course and authorized by Cisco Systems.

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