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Faster! Faster!

Site News Readers who access the site through may have noticed page access times getting faster recently.

We have installed two new servers at Rackspace in Dallas – our first on US soil - to resolve intermittent latency issues experienced by many North American readers. currently accounts for around 13 per cent of our 3.3 million readers a month – the rest come through

In due course we aim to build a more US-centric edition at for our 1.28m US readers a month. But right now, we are simply filtering out the more parochial British stories from the front page of American readers can continue to access all our stories through the week's headlines at: And of course you are more than welcome to drop by at

Also, did you know that we are also live on Nothing country-localised there right now – it points to - but who knows what the future will bring? Reg readers in Canada - 195,000 in April 2005 - should find it quicker to access The Register either through .com or .ca. ®

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