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Fiorina regrets nothing

Carly talks stereotypes

By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco

Posted in CIO, 11th May 2005 09:00 GMT

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Free of corporate PR controls, Carly Fiorina has called on graduate job seekers to beware of institutionalized racism and sexism in her first speaking gig since losing the top job at Hewlett Packard Co.

Speaking in North Carolina, HP's recently departed chief executive officer has - according to reports [1] - urged graduates to live up to their potential and overcome cultural stereotypes.

It's a message Fiorina has based on her own experience working in the male-dominated environments of AT&T sales during the 1970s and Silicon Valley during the last decade as HP's CEO.

Fiorina drew on one of her encounters at AT&T where she was described by one early boss as their "token bimbo" and dealings with certain high tech CEOs - no names mentioned - that left her feeling like the "token bimbo" years later.

Despite this, Fiorina - importantly - has no regrets for the decisions she has taken, which ultimately led to her demise. Quite the contrary, in fact, as Fiorina says she's "proud" and "at peace" despite losing her job "in the most public way possible."®

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