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PHP-Nuke GarageSite offer PHP-Nuke is remarkably capable and reliable, but until now, it's been poorly documented. This book fills the gap. Best of all, you can use it even if you have no experience with PHP, databases, coding, or hosting. Drawing on practical examples from a live example site, top IT author/trainer Don Jones illuminates every facet of working with PHP-Nuke: installation, configuration, customization, security, day-to-day administration, and much more.

PHP-Nuke is an open source web portal program that is very powerful, but relatively easy to use once it is set up, and very flexible and customizable. It runs on Linux, UNIX, OS/2, Windows, MacOS and FreeBSD, and is supported in 20 languages. It gives administrators a powerful assembly of tools to maintain an active and 100 per cent interactive website that uses databases. It runs on the popular programs MySQL (or any SQL database), Apache, and PHP, yet the administrator does not need to know any of these programs in order to use PHP-Nuke.

Master the most powerful, cheap (and/or free) web content system ever created with the help of PHP-Nuke Garage - which is just £12.59 at the Reg Bookshop.

  • PHP-Nuke Garage
    RRP £17.99 - Reg price - £12.59 - Saving £5.40 (30%)
    First book on market to cover PHP-Nuke -- which has more than 1 million installations.
  • Linux® Desktop Garage
    RRP £21.99 - Reg price - £15.39 - Saving £6.60 (30%)
    A complete, real world guide to making your desktop as comfortable as your couch.
  • ActionScript 2.0 Garage
    RRP £21.99 - Reg price - £15.39 - Saving £6.60 (30%)
    Learn how to create enterprise-worthy applications using Flash MX as the development platform.
  • Apache Jakarta Commons
    RRP £28.99 - Reg price - £20.29 - Saving £8.70 (30%)
    The definitive Java developer's guide to the Apache Jakarta Commons project - reuseable, open source, Java components.
  • Building High Availability Windows Server™ 2003 Solutions
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    The definitive guide for all network administrators on how to keep their Windows network up and running smoothly all day every day.
  • Sams Teach Yourself Windows XP All in One
    RRP £21.99 - Reg price - £15.39 - Saving £6.60 (30%)
    A beginner's guide to using and troubleshooting a Windows XP computer in one big, easy-to-use book now updated and revised for SP2.
  • Writing Mobile Code
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    A truly essential guide for the many programmers writing -or thinking of writing - applications for the new generation of mobile devices.
  • sendmail Milters
    RRP £28.99 - Reg price - £20.29 - Saving £8.70 (30%)
    sendmail Milters teaches system administrators how to use a great tool to help eliminate spam!
  • Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense, The
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    The state of the art in computer viruses and computer virus defense--from the top researcher at Symantec for Norton AntiVirus.
  • Mapping Security
    RRP £24.99 - Reg price - £17.49 - Saving £7.50 (30%)
    Compelling and practical view of computer security in a multinational environment--for everyone who does business in more than one country.

If PHP isn’t your thing, or you’re a gadget guru......get your hands on one of these books below.....

  • iPod Book, The
    RRP £13.99 - Reg price - £9.79 - Saving £4.20 (30%)
    Best-selling author Scott Kelby provides iPod owners and iTunes users with a quick, concise intro to the worlds of iPods and iTunes!
  • iPod and iTunes Starter Kit
    RRP £14.99 - Reg price - £10.49 - Saving £4.50 (30%)
    The Starter Kit gives both Windows and Mac music lovers everything they need to quickly and easily maximize their music experience.
  • Now You Know Treo
    RRP £13.99 - Reg price - £9.79 - Saving £4.20 (30%)
    The smartest book for the most coveted smartphone on the planet, the palmOne Treo, in a compact Now You Know format.
  • Playboy
    RRP £9.99 - Reg price - £6.99 - Saving £3.00 (30%)
    BradyGames' Playboy: The Mansion Official Strategy Guide provides a walkthrough of each Playboy estate area, including the inside of the Mansion, back lawn, pool and grotto, and more.

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