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Intel Developer Forum 2005

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IDF Spring 05 All the key stories from this Spring's Intel Developer Forum


Intel sees virtualization as key to child-proof PCs
Intel updates Ent PC with audio 'reality amp'
Intel confirms chipset graphics update
Intel dual-core Smithfield to ship as Pentium D
Intel confirms 64-bit Celeron scheme
P4 to get Virtualisation Tech before dual-cores do
Intel drops 'Vanderpool' handle
Intel details twin 'desktrino' platforms


IBM's Opteron ruse falls to long-term Intel love
Intel determined to dominate storage market
Intel confirms Itanium has a future
Intel preps Truland, Bensley Xeon platforms
Intel to ship dual-core Xeon MP in Q1 06
Intel drops 'Vanderpool' handle
HP and Intel hire Asian helpers to make Itanium cheap


Intel 'Yonah' to boost Centrino media speed
Intel confirms chipset graphics update


Microsoft to end 64-bit Windows endurance test in one month


UWB tech groups combine forces

One for the future

Intel's 100-core chip could power intelligent toilet


Portable player drive interconnect spec completed
Intel determined to dominate storage market

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