Intel prunes prices

Up to 34 per cent off selected CPUs

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Intel this week chopped up to 34.1 per cent off selected processors, following last week's Xeon DP refresh and the launch this week of 64-bit Pentium 4 processors for desktop PCs.

The price cuts centred on the chip maker's desktop Celeron line-up, across both the 90nm Celeron D range and the older 130nm parts. Prices here fell by up to 13.6 per cent.

The arrival of the 2MB-cache Xeon DP saw Intel push down the prices of the older 1MB-cache version by up to 34.1 per cent. It also trimmed 21.6 per cent off the price of the 1MB-cache 64-bit 3.2GHz Pentium 4 for servers and workstations. ®

Intel February 2005 Price Cuts
Processor Prev. Price New Price Change
Celeron D (90nm, LGA775)
345J - 3.06GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $127 $117 -7.9%
340J - 2.93GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $117 $103 -12%
335J - 2.8GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $103 $89 -13.6%
330J - 2.66GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $83 $79 -4.8%
325J - 2.53GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $79 $73 -7.6%
Celeron D (90nm, Socket 478)
345 - 3.06GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $127 $117 -7.9%
340 - 2.93GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $117 $103 -12%
335 - 2.8GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $103 $89 -13.6%
330 - 2.66GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $83 $79 -4.8%
325 - 2.53GHz, 256KB L2, 533MHz FSB $79 $73 -7.6%
Celeron (130nm, Socket 478)
2.8GHz, 128KB L2, 400MHz FSB $103 $89 -13.6%
2.7GHz, 128KB L2, 400MHz FSB $93 $89 -4.3%
2.6GHz, 128KB L2, 400MHz FSB $83 $79 -4.8%
2.5GHz, 128KB L2, 400MHz FSB $79 $73 -7.6%
Xeon DP
3.6GHz, 1MB L3, 800MHz FSB $851 $690 -18.9%
3.4GHz, 1MB L3, 800MHz FSB $690 $455 -34.1%
3.2GHz D, 1MB L3, 800MHz FSB $455 $316 -30.6%
3GHz D, 1MB L3, 800MHz FSB $316 $256 -19%
2.8GHz D, 1MB L3, 800MHz FSB $209 $198 -5.3%
Pentium 4 for servers/workstations
3.2GHz D, 1MB L3, 800MHz FSB $278 $218 -21.6%

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