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Site Offer Five years ago eXtreme Programming Explained introduced then-radical ideas for improving small-team development, such as having developers write automated tests for their own code and having the whole team plan weekly. Now, in a completely revised introduction to eXtreme Programming, Kent Beck describes what has changed in the last five years. He provides a thorough and entertaining re-examination of eXtreme Programming that explains what's good, what still needs work, and where the methodology is heading. eXtreme Programming Explained is discounted to an exclusive price only for Reg readers: just £17.49.

In a major shift from the past Microsoft is now encouraging developers using their tools to start using sound software development methodologies and eXtreme Programming is very well suited to the way many Microsoft developers work. eXtreme .NET shows developers and team leaders how to incorporate eXtreme Programming practices with .NET-connected technologies to create high quality, low-cost code that will build better software. This practical, realistic guidebook systematically covers key elements of XP methodology in the specific context of the .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual C#, and related Microsoft .NET-enabled applications.eXtreme .NET is available for just £ 20.29 at the Reg Bookshop.

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  • Design Patterns Explained
    RRP £37.99 - Reg price - £26.59 - Saving £11.40 (30%)
    Offers a pragmatic and conceptual understanding of design patterns and the fundamentals of object technology design.
  • PHP 5 Power Programming
    RRP £28.99 - Reg price - £20.29 - Saving £8.70 (30%)
    Coverage of PHP 5's hottest new features, including OOP, Design Patterns, XML/SOAP integration PLUS expert chapters on PHP 5 Performance Tuning and PEAR.
  • Windows System Programming
    RRP £42.99 - Reg price - £30.09 - Saving £12.90 (30%)
    The definitive guide to systems programming for Windows XP and 2003 using the essential features and functions of the Windows API.
  • Solaris Systems Programming
    RRP £47.99 - Reg price - £33.59 - Saving £14.40 (30%)
    The first significant programming book aimed specifically at the Solaris operating environment.
  • Advanced UNIX Programming
    RRP £34.99 - Reg price - £24.49 - Saving £10.50 (30%)
    Rochkind's fully updated classic explains all the UNIX system calls you're likely to need, all in a single volume.
  • C Programming
    RRP £16.99 - Reg price - £11.89 - Saving £5.10 (30%)
    Task-based volume from best-selling author tackles the granddaddy of programming languages-C.
  • Programming in C
    RRP £28.99 - Reg price - £20.29 - Saving £8.70 (30%)
    Thoroughly updated to the most recent C standard with current source code examples.
  • C++ Primer Plus
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    Teaches fundamentals of programming including principles of structured code and top-down design.
  • C Primer Plus
    RRP £35.99 - Reg price - £25.19 - Saving £10.80 (30%)
    C Primer Plus, 4th Edition has complete C programming coverage with task-oriented examples to teach students the fundamentals of C programming.

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  • iPod & iTunes Garage
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    Pushing the iPod to the limit -- readers learn about many 'unknown features' along with freeware and shareware programs to do much more than just listen to music...
  • Organize Your Photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3
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    Learn how to manage and organize your digital images within Photoshop Elements 3.
  • Easy Photoshop Elements 3
    RRP £12.99 - Reg price - £9.09 - Saving £3.90 (30%)
    Easy Photoshop Elements 3 is a steps-with-pictures book for people who are in a hurry to work with the pictures from their new digital cameras.

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